A 63,200-pound girder being moved by Omega Morgan crane services.

Omega Morgan provides crane services for a road elevation project in Kent, WA

Over the past several years, the State of Washington has worked to improve fish passageways under roadways throughout the state….

The Omega Morgan Crane crew uses their 350-ton crane to guide one-half of a modular classroom into place.

Omega Morgan rigs and lifts two modular classrooms for Millpond Elementary School

Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services teams stepped up to support the Yelm School District when they needed to rig and…

Omega Morgan’s Crane crew gets a bird’s eye view of Washington while working on a cell tower.

Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services team replaces three cellular antenna sectors on Green Mountain

As part of a network upgrade, the cellular tower high up on Washington’s Green Mountain was ready for antenna replacement….

Poised and ready to go, Omega Morgan’s Grove GMK6350L waits patiently.

Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane team replaces rooftop HVAC system for Yale, WA, building renovation

When a mechanical contractor was tasked with replacing a rooftop HVAC system for a multi-story office complex-turned-biomedical facility in Yale,…

An overhead view of CraneServices_Seattle

Omega Morgan’s crane services place a 9,200-pound HVAC unit on the roof of a Seattle, WA, high rise

A new highrise under construction in the University District of Seattle, WA, needed an HVAC unit placed on its 245-foot-high…

A nighttime backdrop of one highway sign in place while the 2nd sign is being prepared to be lifted.

Omega Morgan’s crane services delivers expert heavy lift of massive highway sign bridge in Seattle, WA

When our customer—a Seattle welding company—was contracted to replace a 70-foot highway sign bridge over Seattle’s I-5 express lanes, it…

Excavator parts being lifted into place by Omega Morgan’s crane crew.

Omega Morgan’s crane services provides heavy lift support for an excavator build in Darrington, WA

When our customer—a heavy machinery service company—was tasked with building a 280,000-pound excavator on-site at an active rock quarry in…

It takes Omega Morgan’s teamwork to move an air handling unit through a high rise window.

Omega Morgan’s crane service delivers a unique solution for multi-story air handler placement in Seattle, WA

At a commercial Seattle high-rise, contractors planned for the installation of five new air handling units to meet the increased…

A 30,000-pound antique caboose is being moved by Omega Morgan’s crane services team.

Omega Morgan’s crane services crew relocates an antique train caboose in Kirkland, WA

The past and the future come together on Google’s Kirkland campus in the form of an antique train caboose, which…

Omega Morgan 200-ton crane lifting 9,000-pound awning frame.

Omega Morgan’s crane services crew installs a 9,000-pound awning in Tigard, OR

When a local construction company in Tigard, OR, planned the remodel of their entryway to improve ADA accessibility, they needed…