A 9,200-pound HVAC unit being placed on the roof of a tall Seattle building by Omega Morgan Crane Services.

A new highrise under construction in the University District of Seattle, WA, needed an HVAC unit placed on its 245-foot-high roof. The problem? The tower crane had been moved off-site while the project waited for the unit to arrive, and now they lacked heavy lift support. Enter Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services team to the rescue. Our expert team jumped in to plan and execute a safe, efficient solution.


Months of preparation went into the project as the crew applied for permitting, coordinated with neighboring jobs, and ensured traffic control support. Aware that maneuvering ability in the area would be tight, our teams strategized over several site visits to determine the best positioning and crane for the job. However, tree coverage, nearby construction, and other buildings in close proximity added to the challenge of where and how to assemble our mobile crane. Finally, after receiving the proper permitting—and once the HVAC component had been delivered onsite—our teams were ready for the heavy lift.


Arriving early in the morning, assembly of the mobile crane took six hours as components were delivered to the site. During the build, crews paid close attention to the clearance requirements, particularly for the Megawing, ensuring safe operation. 

Once completed, our crew rigged the 9,200-pound unit and lifted it to the roof, placing it 80 feet from the building’s edge. After the successful placement, we disassembled the crane in six hours and headed out. All parties involved in the project appreciated Team Green’s strategic and safe heavy lift services. 

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