Applied & Industrial Metrology

Machining equipment is expensive, and companies invest large sums of money for the most advanced tools to get the job done right. But in order to keep these machines operating at peak performance, they need an expert hand to measure, align and calibrate the sensitive precision components.

Omega Morgan now offers applied and industrial metrology services through the world-class expertise of Morley Machine Tool Alignment, an Omega Morgan company.

Using the most advanced technology and a superior attention to detail, our applied and industrial metrology team not only calibrates and aligns your machining equipment, but also has decades of experience in the repair, rebuilding and upgrading of all types of CNC machinery.

We’re here to keep your investment in good condition and meet the levels of productivity you need.

Metrology Services

When it comes to manufacturing equipment, proper measurement and alignment is everything; it is essential to accuracy, quality and speed.

Our metrology services are performed by industry professionals with a depth of experience, using the most up-to-date technology and an all-inclusive problem solving approach.

We provide:

  • Machine Geometry Alignment
  • Laser Measurement Services
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Belt Alignment
  • Crane Rail Survey (No-Contact Measurement)

Our Advanced Metrology Equipment Includes:

  • Hamar L-743 Ultra Precision® Laser
  • Lecia® Total Station
  • Faro® Laser Tracker
  • Easy-Laser®
  • Renishaw® Ballbar QC20-W (Dynamic Machine Analysis)
  • Renishaw® Laser Interferometer
  • Renishaw® XR20-W 4th & 5th Rotary Axis Calibration
  • Easy-Laser® Shaft Alignment

Machine and Equipment Installation

Moving and installing a high-capital investment needs to be done with exceptional care and expertise. It’s a job that has to be done right the first time.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals not only provide machinery and equipment moves, levelling services and millwrighting services, they also provide stellar project management. Let us take care of the details.

We also prepare sites and foundations for your equipment moves and installation, including:

  • Core Drill Hole Layout
  • Unisorb(R) Installation Technologies
  • Unisorb Professional Engineering Services
  • Onsite Environmental Vibration Analysis
  • Vibration Remediation

Machine Tool Calibration

To keep them working properly, machine tools need to be regularly calibrated and levelled precisely. Relocating a machine, increased production and the equipment’s age can all impact the accuracy of your machine’s output.

We offer CNC calibration services, linear and rotary axis calibration, precision laser leveling and laser tracker alignment services to maintain tolerances and prevent any disruption to production.

CNC Repair, Rebuild, and Retrofit Services

Given the level of investment that goes into the purchase of CNC machinery, returning a machine to good working condition often makes more sense than replacement. Our team uses in-depth expertise to repair, rebuild and upgrade all types of CNC machinery–keeping your operation efficient and productive.

This includes:

  • Machine Tool Alignment Inspection
  • Reconditioning & Repair
  • Portable Machining (Onsite Machine Tool Way Machining)
  • Slideway Repair
  • Linear Rail and Bearing Replacement (Laser Aligned)
  • CNC Gantry / Router Repair Package
  • Ballscrew Repair and Replacement (New or Remanufactured)

Hand Scraping

Sometimes, no machine can replace what an expert can do by hand. We offer hand scraping of ways, cast iron and way bearing material, as well as bearing material installation and scraping. This includes Turcite®, Moglice® and Rulon® ways.

Way Covers & Wipers

We offer way cover and wiper reconditioning and repair to keep your equipment in good working condition. We also provide Renishaw® probe and tool setter installations to reduce downtime, and we offer linear and rotary scale installation on digital readout systems.

Control Retrofits

Retrofitting can make a big difference for your equipment’s efficiency and productivity–it can even extend the service life of your machines.

Our team performs the installation and programming of Fanuc CNC retrofit systems to give your equipment a key efficiency-gaining upgrade.


Let our experts get you up to speed and properly trained on the use of key pieces of calibration equipment.

We provide training on the following equipment and systems:

  • Faro® Laser Tracker
  • Renishaw® Calibration Equipment
  • Renishaw® Probe Systems
  • Leica® Total Station System

What We Offer

  • Machine Tool Calibration
  • Metrology Services
  • CNC Repair, Rebuild and Retrofitting
  • Hand Scraping
  • Way Covers and Wipers
  • Control Retrofits
  • Machine and Equipment Installation
  • Training

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Metrology Service Solution: Repairing A Precision Aerospace Machine Tool

Industry Aerospace

Equipment Used Faro laser tracker, easy laser

Description When an aerospace parts manufacturer in Tacoma, WA, lost the use of an important machine, they asked Omega Morgan’s Seattle industrial metrology team to not only repair the piece, but develop a solution to the design flaw that caused its failure. Using advanced laser technology, our expert metrology crew delivered an upgraded machine that will stand the test of time while producing improved results.

Full Case Study