Applied and Industrial Metrology Services

Proper measurement, alignment, and calibration is critical to industrial applications; even the most minute misalignment can cause expensive damage to industrial equipment.

Omega Morgan’s team of highly-trained, deeply experienced metrology professionals use the most advanced equipment and an all-inclusive approach to problem solving to ensure the accurate alignment and calibration of your machine investments.

Optimize Your Productivity

Omegan Morgan offers engineering support services, including time studies, logistics, and other manufacturing and mechanical engineering services to aid in optimizing the manufacturing process.

In today’s global manufacturing environment, quality and efficiency are a domestic manufacturer’s best tools in the constant struggle to compete with low-cost offshore labor. By carefully planning machine layouts and maintaining CNC equipment, machine shops and OEM customers alike can achieve unparalleled productivity and precision.

Our Advanced Metrology Equipment

  • Hamar L-743 Ultra Precision® Laser
  • Lecia® Total Station
  • Faro® Laser Tracker
  • Easy-Laser®
  • Renishaw® Ballbar QC20-W (Dynamic Machine Analysis)
  • Renishaw® Laser Interferometer
  • Renishaw® XR20-W 4th & 5th Rotary Axis Calibration
  • Easy-Laser® Shaft Alignment

What We Offer

  • Machine Geometry Alignment
  • Laser Measurement Services
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Belt Alignment
  • Crane Rail Survey (No-Contact Measurement)
  • SpatialAnalyzer®
  • Polyworks Inspector™

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Metrology Service Solution: Repairing A Precision Aerospace Machine Tool

Industry Aerospace

Equipment Used Faro laser tracker, easy laser

Description When an aerospace parts manufacturer in Tacoma, WA, lost the use of an important machine, they asked Omega Morgan’s Seattle industrial metrology team to not only repair the piece, but develop a solution to the design flaw that caused its failure. Using advanced laser technology, our expert metrology crew delivered an upgraded machine that will stand the test of time while producing improved results.

Full Case Study


In 2021, Morley Machine Tool Alignment joined the Omega Morgan group of companies. While we are now operating under the Omega Morgan name, we’re still providing superior and experienced Applied and Industrial Metrology and Machine Tool Services to our customers, along with expanded services—including machinery moving and millwright services.

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