Heavy Lift and Rigging

When you need industrial heavy lift services for your project, you want a one-stop solution. Across industries, heavy lift services are often required to complete specialized transportation, machinery moving projects, and more. Heavy lift solutions are involved in many of Omega Morgan projects as a core service. We invest in experienced riggers and heavy lift engineers with broad capabilities to provide comprehensive heavy lift planning and execution. Plus, our teams work seamlessly with each other to provide a complete solution to any and all heavy lift challenges.

Beyond an incredible team, reliable equipment is an essential part of a successful heavy lift. Our crews are trained in the safe and effective operation of heavy lift tools and equipment — from cranes with different capabilities, gantries of varying capacity to skids, jacks, and dollies — to handle any situation. Omega Morgan’s history of innovative heavy lift solutions precedes us, so if you have the need, you can count on us to say, “We got this!”

Heavy Lift Cranes

Omega Morgan’s wide selection of cranes allows us to successfully develop solutions to handle almost any challenge that comes our way. Customers value our safe and efficient heavy lift crane mobilizations and experience in handling complex, high value jobs efficiently and safely. Our extensive fleet and experienced team allows us to provide crane services capable of executing all types of lifting needs. Learn more about our crane capabilities.

Heavy Lift and Transport

In many cases, our heavy lift services are an invaluable part of specialized transportation solutions across the US and Canada. Utilizing our experienced engineering capabilities, rigging expertise, and comprehensive equipment, Omega Morgan offers the best of both heavy lift and transport services to provide the complete solution. Learn more about our transport capabilities.

What We Offer

Our engineers and operations crew devise and execute plans that work with our extensive inventory of heavy lift equipment to provide solutions for any heavy lift or heavy rigging need including:

  • Industrial Equipment Moves
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Plant Relocations
  • Aerospace

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Case Studies: Heavy Lift & Rigging Services

Omega Morgan is known around the world for its ability to overcome any challenge and develop innovative heavy lift solutions. Our experienced team, commitment to safety, and comprehensive and modular equipment set us apart. Here are just a few of the noteworthy projects we have performed involving our heavy lift and rigging services. If you have any additional questions about our capabilities or have questions pertaining to your next project, please contact us.

Case Studies | Heavy Lift & Rigging

Connecting the City of Portland: Installing the Blumenauer Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

Industry Bridge/Highway

Equipment Used (2) 550 ton cranes, 360 ton crane, 550 ton (4) post gantry, 6 line SPMT with power pack, (2) 30K forklifts, (2) 12K reach lifts, (4) 60’-80’ manlifts, OM large power pack, (4) 75 ton climbing jacks, multiple racks of Ekki wood and crib ties, 24’ Ro-Ro ramps, and elephant stands

Description Addressing the need for a north/south crossing in Portland, the Blumenauer Bridge is a highly anticipated service bike/walkway for the city. Omega Morgan’s specialized transport team overcame engineering and time frame challenges to successfully install the bridge in under 55 hours.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Heavy Lift & Rigging

Precision Required: Using our 250 Ton Gantry to Set a Compressor and Turbine into a Compressor Station

Industry Oil & Gas

Equipment Used Faymonville Trailer and 250 Ton Gantry System

Description One compressor and one turbine needed to be transported from Calgary, AB, to Chetwynd, BC, and placed into an already constructed building. That’s where our heavy lift and rigging team and our 250 ton gantry system came in and got the job done with precision and care.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Heavy Lift & Rigging

Replacing a slewing bearing on a radial stacker reclaimer during hurricane season

Industry Bulk Cargo

Equipment Used (1) Omega Morgan-designed hydraulic heavy lifting jacking system, (1) 30,000 pound winch system, custom rigging, load running blocks and tackle

Description Our heavy lift and rigging crews were called upon to replace a broken bearing on a massive radial stacker reclaimer at an international bulk handling port. It was already a complex job--but two major hurricanes required a whole other level of planning and preparation.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Heavy Lift & Rigging

Sliding Into Place: Moving a Transformer at a Portland Substation

Industry Power Generation

Equipment Used Jack-and-slide system, 6-1 line SPMT

Description Omega Morgan’s heavy lift and rigging crews were tasked with moving a transformer at a Portland, OR energy substation--a move that presented a few tricky challenges.

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Case Studies | Heavy Lift & Rigging

Loading and Lashing a Ship Loader in Vancouver, WA

Industry Agriculture

Equipment Used 1 x KMAG 6-Line SPMT, 4 x Dollies & 1 x Prime Mover

Description Omega Morgan completed the complex move of a 530,000 pound ship loader for an engineering and manufacturing firm. Our heavy lift and rigging team implemented solutions to load and lash the equipment without incident.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Heavy Lift & Rigging

Vessel Heavy Lift and Rigging

Industry Chemical

Equipment Used 4 Axle Tractor, 100-Ton Dual Lane Trailer, LTM 1400 Crane

Description Omega Morgan transported a 172,000-pound vessel from Port of Longview to a chemical plant in Longview, WA. Our heavy lift and rigging team configured OM’s lane loader to 18’6” wide to reduce ride height of the vessel. Finally, the team lifted the vessel from our trailer and set it in place on a 12-foot high pedestal.

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