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There is nothing more satisfying for our Omega Morgan team than taking care of our clients with unmatched, turnkey solutions–solutions that make their work easier, efficient, and productive. We were recently able to provide such a solution to one of our clients, a construction company in the middle of a four-phase process of building a new data center.

At the beginning of the first phase of construction, our client was expecting a large volume of equipment deliveries. They needed a partner with the ability to warehouse, store and then deliver the equipment when needed.

Finding that combination of services at the last minute can often be a daunting–if not impossible–task. But between Omega Morgan’s Hillsboro storage facility and world-class machinery moving crews, we had our client covered.


We were able to provide our client with 15,000 square feet of storage space at our Hillsboro facility, where we received over 85 delivery loads and 450 individual items. We made sure to inspect, verify, photograph and catalogue each item in our asset management system.

The key to success on this phase of the project turned out to be flexibility. Our team expertly handled unexpected variables such as unscheduled deliveries, incorrect documentation and equipment arriving in poor condition. We coordinated with our client to address these issues quickly, all while receiving on-going, frequent deliveries to the storage space.

Once our client was ready for the equipment, we loaded it onto our trucks and made daily deliveries to the construction site–where we also handled the equipment’s installation.

Our team was pleased to be able to take total care of our client from start to finish, from receiving deliveries to the final installation. They have appreciated our flexibility and top-quality service as we worked through challenges together, and we are happy to continue to serve them as we start on the next phase.