Machinery Moving

With Omega Morgan, you can take a load off. Our highly-trained team of professional machinery movers can move almost anything using our state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience. We not only do the heavy lifting, we also coordinate the small details and logistics that make projects run smoothly anywhere in the Portland, Seattle, and Calgary area.

Customers value our professional, customized approach to every project that safeguards their equipment and delivers reliable, efficient machinery moving services. And customers appreciate that our services are always designed to meet or exceed OSHA safety requirements.

Machinery Moving Services

We are your trusted partner for safe machinery moving. We can move CNC machining equipment and commercial and industrial machinery of nearly any type, size, or weight domestically and internationally while avoiding disruption to production. We have the proven ability to minimize downtime. For example, in one instance we reduced the timeline for a complete manufacturing facility relocation by three weeks using our specialized equipment and skilled crew.

CNC and Industrial Equipment Moves

We have the dexterity to securely move an antique trolley car into a historical building without a blemish to either’s beauty. We also have the strength to maneuver a 110,000-pound bridge crane to ground level, set it in a staging area, and lift it back into place on new rails without a scratch.

Turnkey Plant Relocations

You don’t need to hire multiple companies to accomplish your move. We are your full-service, complete plant relocation experts. Your move is strategically organized from the initial project planning phase through completion. Our team combines education, experience, and ingenuity to offer the highest level of project management available for turnkey plant relocations that run smoothly from start to finish.

Assembly, Disassembly, and Installation of Manufacturing Equipment

We take great pride in our ability to disassemble, assemble, and install CNC machining and all types of manufacturing equipment. Our installation professionals follow your and/or the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure you’re more than just relocated; you’re also primed to operate at peak performance. This means providing precision leveling, accurate alignment, and careful seismic considerations when placing equipment to increase its availability and reliability.

Transportation Needs

Our crew will come to your facility, package and crate your equipment, load it into trucks, and transport everything to your new location safely, securely, and on time.


Are you not ready to complete a full relocation, or do you need equipment stored for just-in-time delivery due to job site restrictions? We provide space to store your machinery out of harm’s way. Long- and short-term storage is available in our clean, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities.

Machinery Rigging

Successful machinery moving starts with strategic planning of every detail, no matter how small. Our experienced machinery movers and riggers diligently design specific solutions for every job to safely handle overhead lifting, rotation, and maneuvering machinery out of and back into place.

Machinery Moving Services for Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

We are a highly valuable asset to mechanical and electrical contractors who need a safe and efficient partner during installation projects. Our team can move switchgear, transformers, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and a myriad of other large machinery and equipment, returning it to place quickly, carefully, and on schedule to keep every project moving forward smoothly.

What We Offer

  • Industrial Equipment Moves
  • Installation of Manufacturing Equipment
  • Turnkey Relocations
  • Assembly and Disassembly
  • Transportation Needs
  • Warehousing
  • Machinery Moving
  • Machinery Rigging
  • Plant Relocations

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Case Studies | Machinery Moving

The Complete Solution: Storing & Setting Two Air Handlers in Bellevue, WA

Industry Construction

Equipment Used Tri-Lifter

Description With construction underway on a new, mixed-use office building in downtown Bellevue, Washington, the builders needed two large air handlers placed — a task that would require skilled heavy lift operators. Omega Morgan not only provided expert machinery moving services, but the complete solution by storing the air handlers in Fife prior to installation. Overcoming height restrictions and other challenges, the machinery moving team delivered a world-class solution.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Special Delivery: Moving Metal Fabrication Equipment in Boise, ID

Industry Metal Fabrication

Equipment Used Hoist FR 40/60 forklift

Description When a metal fabrication company was in a bind with an equipment delivery, Omega Morgan’s Boise-based machinery moving crews mobilized to make sure the delivery was a success.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

A Toast to More Capacity: Installing New Equipment at Woodinville Whiskey Distillery

Industry Food and Beverage

Equipment Used 60-ton boom trucks, Hyster S155 forklifts, Liebherr 160-ton crane

Description A distillery in Woodinville, Washington, wanted to increase their production capacity. This meant installing a whole new set of equipment in a very tight area. Enter our machinery moving team, ready to assist Wilcox Construction in this exciting new upgrade.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

In a Tight Spot: Removing a 55,000 Pound Transformer with the Riggers 120

Industry Energy

Equipment Used Riggers 120 Forklift

Description Live voltage and limited access made removal of a 55,000 pound substation transformer a complicated task without cutting power to many clients. Luckily, our Portland machinery moving crew had just the right solution to keep the lights on and move the transformer safely.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

The Total Package: Moving and Storing 15,000 square feet of Equipment for a Plant Overhaul

Industry Food Packaging

Equipment Used Tandem Trilifters, Versa lifts, Forklifts

Description When food packaging giant Crown Holdings needed serious work done at one of their packaging plants, Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation, crane services, millwrighting, machinery moving and industrial storage crews all stepped in to provide a total service solution.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Need a lift? Replacing bearing pads in a parking garage in downtown Portland

Industry Construction

Equipment Used (1) 100-ton jacking system, (1) fabricated steel base

Description Omega Morgan’s machinery moving crews fabricated an efficient engineering solution to replace bearing pads in a damaged parking deck in downtown Portland.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Lift and Drift: A unique solution for installing power skids at the JE Dunn Data Center

Industry Manufacturing

Equipment Used (1) 200-ton crane, rolling blocks, chain falls, skates

Description Using a not-often-seen technique that aided with both space and cost savings, Omega Morgan’s Portland-based machinery moving crews assisted with the installation of power skids at the JE Dunn Data Center in Hillsboro, OR.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Overhead Crane Swap at a McMinville Steel Mill

Industry Steel

Equipment Used gantry, hydraulic turntable, forklifts, manlifts

Description Omega Morgan’s Portland-based machinery moving crew executed the move of two, 27.5 ton-capacity overhead double girder bridge cranes for a steel mill in McMinville, OR. The move needed to be completed with minimal disruption to mill operations. Our crew meticulously planned and successfully completed the move, working with only seven inches of clearance and 24 hours of time.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Installation of a Hot Isostatic Press for Kittyhawk Products in Canby, OR

Industry Fabricated Metal Products

Equipment Used (4) posts of a 250-ton Gantry

Description Omega Morgan’s Portland-based machinery moving crews were called upon to install the first of four Hot Isostatic Presses at a brand-new facility in Canby, OR. Faced with a unique rigging challenge and shipping delays, our crews did whatever it took to complete this tricky installation smoothly and on schedule.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Setting up Equipment for the Northwest Machine Tool Expo

Industry Machining and Manufacturing

Equipment Used (1) 5k Forklift, (2) 8k Forklifts, (2) 15k Forklifts, (1) 30k Forklift, (1) 23/35 Versa Lift, (1) 40/60 Versa Lift & (3) Gear Trailers

Description As the official rigging provider for the NW Machine Tool Expo in Portland, Oregon, Omega Morgan’s Machinery Moving team moved 80 various machine tools into place for all of the vendor booths at this year’s event. Even with only two days to set up all the machine tools at the show, our experienced crews tackled this project with ease.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Moving a Priceless Mural in Olympia, WA

Industry Construction

Equipment Used Airskate system, Grove GMK 5275 crane

Description Omega Morgan’s machinery moving department was hired by A to B Builders to move a priceless mural, commissioned in 1956, for the city of Olympia, WA. Omega Morgan’s machinery moving and crane teams worked for two days to achieve resounding success. The mural and all its 150,000 glass and stone tiles were transported safely, without a single break or shift.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Machinery Moving - Replacing Electrical Transformers on Vashon Island

Industry Electrical

Equipment Used 50T slide gear, 75T tri-lifter, 12K reach forklift

Description Omega Morgan’s Seattle machinery moving team worked with Puget Sound Energy to replace two old transformers and accessories at the Vashon Island Substation. This project required adapting to challenges including soft ground and a steep grade. In this case study we discuss how we found reliable solutions to successfully and safely complete the project.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Basement Install at Seattle Central College

Industry Electrical / Mechanical

Equipment Used 60 ton boom truck, Flatbed semi truck

Description Omega Morgan’s Seattle team was contacted by McKinstry Co., Llc to provide machinery moving services for a generator install project at Seattle Central College. In this case study we recount how our teams worked together to safely remove an old 10,000-pound CAT generator from the college’s basement and replace it with a new CAT generator weighing over 21,000 pounds. From taking out the sidewalk panels and maintaining safe operations in a busy pedestrian area, we were proud of our guys completing the project beyond customer satisfaction.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Machinery Moving - Trolley Car Relocation

Industry Restaurant

Equipment Used Gear Rig, Machinery Moving Skates, Pneumatic 30K Forklift, Slide Rails, Jacks, 3 Axle Truck, Lowboy Trailer

Description OM crews jacked up an antique trolley car and weighed it prior to moving, so that the rigging plan would ensure that moving the car would not damage the floor in the historical building. The crew removed the trolley wheels and set the car onto rails to slide it out of the building. It was lifted and set onto the trailer for transport to its new destination. Crews offloaded the car, set it on skates, and moved it into position in the building. Upon approval, the antique trolley car came off the skates to rest in its final destination.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Bridge Crane Machinery Moving Case Study: Trilifter

Industry Steel Fabrication

Equipment Used Trilifter / Versalift 60/80 / Versalift 40/60

Description Bridge cranes are among the heaviest pieces of equipment in most industrial settings. In this case study we showcase how we lifted, rotated and lowered an existing bridge crane to ground level for maintenance using our Trilifter and put it back in place after the maintenance was completed. Our Steel Fabrication industry client was satisfied with the project that was on time, on budget, and completed exactly as required.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Machinery Moving

Overlake Medical Equipment Machinery Moving Project

Industry Medical Equipment

Equipment Used (2) Trilifters, (2) 15k Forklifts, Versalift 40/60, 400ft of floor protection

Description Our ability to successfully plan, manage, and finalize complicated moves was on display during the Overlake Medical Equipment Moving Project. Our team removed three MRIs and two CT scanners from the 2nd floor of the Overlake Hospital Medical Center and installed one new MRI onsite. The relocated equipment was either prepared for shipment or installed in the Medical Imaging Department on the building’s first floor.

Full Case Study

When we invest in manufacturing we are at risk of severely disrupting our production. I always rely on Omega Morgan to step in and handle our machinery moving needs. They are true project oriented partners – they understand critical timelines, they listen to our problems and present strong concise solutions. - SR. DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS BENCHMADE KNIFE COMPANY