• Gear Rig
  • Machinery Moving Skates
  • Pneumatic 30K Forklift
  • Slide Rails
  • Jacks
  • 3 Axle Truck
  • Lowboy Trailer

OM crews jacked up an antique trolley car and weighed it prior to moving, so that the rigging plan would ensure that moving the car would not damage the floor in the historical building. The crew removed the trolley wheels and set the car onto rails to slide it out of the building. It was lifted and set onto the trailer for transport to its new destination. Crews offloaded the car, set it on skates, and moved it into position in the building. Upon approval, the antique trolley car came off the skates to rest in its final destination.

As a leading expert in machinery moving, Omega Morgan strives to complete moves with ease, efficiency, and safety. To ensure this, we leverage state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled specialists. In this case, our team was called on for the safe transfer of an antique trolley in downtown Seattle for our client, the Old Spaghetti Factory.

The trolley was transferred from a historic building into a new restaurant space, calling for the use of heavy-duty equipment while simultaneously requiring the utmost caution. The main priority was ensuring that both the antique trolley and the floor of the historic building remained undamaged during the process.

Project Scope And Trolley Movement Challenges

Upon arrival at the site, our moving crew conducted a thorough evaluation of all variables in the situation to devise an effective moving strategy. Considerations and challenges included:

Equipment Size and Positioning

The large 33-foot long trolley car was positioned in the center of the room. The crew jacked up and weighed the trolley prior to moving, to determine which method would best protect the flooring. The 7,000-pound trolley would require the use of a pneumatic 30k forklift and a three-axle truck.

Structural and Space Restrictions

Because the trolley was currently housed in a historic building, the preservation of all aesthetic finishes and flooring was imperative. Additionally, the team had to creatively map out a removal route that accommodated both the equipment and the available opening of a space not initially intended for cargo transport.

The Successful Completion

The Machinery Moving crew was able to quickly establish and execute a successful move while taking all necessary safety and quality precautions.

Having previously weighed the trolley, the crew determined the safest way to account for this weight was through the use of slide rails. We started the process by first removing the wheels. Afterwards, rail tracks were assembled leading to the exit, creating a harmless pathway across the floor.

The car was then placed on the slide rails and guided along the tracks to the exterior of the building. The railing had to be constructed well past the entrance of the building to ensure that the forklift would have ample room to lift the trolley. The crew lifted the 11-foot tall trolley onto a lowboy trailer for transport to the new location. Our lowboy trailers boast extremely low decks, offering the ability to carry heavyweight, legal loads up to 12 feet tall.

Upon arrival at the restaurant in Seattle, the crew offloaded the trolley where it was set on machinery moving skates and delicately maneuvered with ease into the building. The team consulted the client for final approval before placing the antique trolley in its final destination. The crew completed the relocation without any damage to either trolley car or flooring. Their efficient planning and strategy execution led to the completion of the project ahead of schedule.

We have since established a strong partnership with the Spaghetti Factory, having completed multiple trolley relocations nationwide. The Omega Morgan team uses decades of experience to analyze unique situations and achieve consistently successful results. We are adept at accommodating atypical spaces of all sizes and limitations. Our goal is to collaborate with clients to transform spaces into areas where they can truly thrive.