Omega Morgan offers creative and intelligent solutions for your crane service needs. We provide the highest-quality fully-operated crane services using state-of-the-art equipment and valued engineering for companies across Washington and Oregon.

Clients count on us to provide clean, well-maintained cranes on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis for operated rental. Omega Morgan provides unmatched turnkey solutions for hoisting, logistical, and site planning needs.

Our full solution crane services includes:

Safety Consultation
Crane Rental
Operators for hire
Rigging and Signaling
Lift Director
Crane Coordinator

Job Planning/Management
Machinery Placement
Rigging Rental
Spreader Bar Rental

Crane Services for Heavy Lift Needs

Our extensive fleet allows us to provide crane services capable of handling all types of lifting needs. Our cranes come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12-ton to 3200-ton capacity. Other professional-grade cranes we offer include:

  • All terrain cranes (90 ton – 550 ton)
  • Lattice boom crawler cranes (100 ton – 1600 ton)
  • Ringer cranes (up to 3200 ton)
  • Rough terrain cranes (30 ton – 160 ton)

Our wide selection of cranes allow us to successfully develop solutions to handle every detail in a variety of situations during all project phases. Customers value our safe and efficient crane mobilizations and experience in handling time-sensitive jobs without causing delays or stoppage in workflows.

Safety-First Crane Services with Certified Operators

The experience level of our team, accompanied with our safety program, ensures incident free job sites. All of our knowledgeable and experienced crane operators are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, which means they maintain the highest level of skills and training in safety and crane operations.

If needed, we can also provide the services of qualified and experienced hands-on oilers, riggers, bellmen, and power line spotters for your project. Our team members keep safety top of mind while working on your site. They value communication and understand that teamwork is a critical part of every successful project.

Contact Us For Crane Services Today

Contact us and we’ll send a knowledgeable professional to provide an onsite evaluation and determine the best way to efficiently handle your needs. We believe in a “boots on the ground” concept that takes us to each jobsite to ensure all aspects of your needs are not only met, but exceeded. We earn our clients’ loyalty through hard work, reliability, and providing the best crane services available.


  • Onsite evaluations for any job
  • Highest quality fully-operated crane service
  • Experienced hands-on oilers, riggers, bellmen and power line spotters
  • Safe and efficient crane mobilizations for time sensitive jobs
  • Clean and well maintained fleet of cranes and support
  • Pricing transparency – no hidden costs
  • Responsive and on time
  • All terrain cranes 90 ton - 550 ton
  • Lattice boom crawler cranes available 100 ton – 1600 ton
  • Ring cranes available up to 3200 ton
  • Rough terrain cranes available for bare or operated rental from 30 ton – 150 ton

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Case Studies | Crane Services

Removing a One-Piece Bridge in Tacoma

Industry Construction

Equipment Used Liebherr LR1600 Crane with 217’ boom and approximately 1.25 million lbs. of counterweight

Description When Atkinson contacted Omega Morgan’s Seattle office for help removing an old bridge, our crane services team was up to the task. While keeping the bridge intact to protect rails underneath the bridge, we successfully completed the bridge move without a hitch. This case study explains how we accomplished the one-piece bridge move.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Crane Services

Linde Cold Box

Industry Chemical

Equipment Used CC2500 Crawler Crane, GMK 7450 Hydraulic Crane, Dual-Lane Trailers

Description In this case study crews from our Portland, Oregon- Crane Service Division performed a dual crane lift to offload a rectification cold box from an Omega Morgan dual lane trailer to a pad at the Linde project site.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Crane Services

Crane Services Seattle Case Study: Grove GMK 5220 All Terrain Crane

Industry Construction

Equipment Used GMK 5220

Description Moving and setting a 6-section vault is a challenging undertaking in and of itself, let alone completing it in a confined downtown Seattle space at a steep pitch. In this case study we outline the challenges, the process we created to complete the project, and the successful result we had for the client, in partnership with Sarens on this joint venture.

Full Case Study

Case Studies | Crane Services

Tower Crane Services Case Study

Industry Commercial Construction

Equipment Used 485 Ton Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 Crane with 132K lbs. of counterweight, 118’ Main Boom, 138’ Luffing Jib, 60-Ton Boom Truck (assist crane)

Description Our team was asked to provide tower crane services at the University of Washington. The job was to safely set up and erect an ECHO 550 Morrow tower crane with 260 feet of jib on the university’s campus. In this case study we discus how we planned for this project and the equipment we used to successfully complete it.

Full Case Study