• 200-ton crane

In an effort to increase ADA accessibility, a local construction company in Tigard, OR, planned to remodel their entryway, including the addition of a 9,000-pound awning across the front of the building. The awning spanned 75 feet long by 16 feet wide, and its design required it to be welded to the building at a 7-degree angle.

After identifying potential challenges presented by the awning’s size and angle, the construction company knew they needed an expert heavy lift company who could handle the unique lift and hold needs of the project. They reached out to Omega Morgan’s Portland crane services team and brought us on board with a timeframe of two to three months before the installation. While waiting for the awning to be fabricated, our crane crew got to work planning the heavy lift.


Knowing the size and weight of the awning, along with the necessary 7-degree hold after lifting, the team was able to plan for equipment needs and crew size. However, the basic design of the awning was all that our crane services team had to go off of prior to installation day. Additional information would need to be gathered, but that couldn’t happen until the day of the lift.


On installation day, Omega Morgan’s crane services team arrived bright and early at the job site, where the massive awning lay waiting for them. The assembled crew included three crane services members, two people from Omega Morgan’s sales and operations team, and a customer group of six to help facilitate the installation. With our 200-ton crane ready for action, the team got to work.

Our riggers and oilers quickly determined that because of its unique construction, the awning would need to be lifted completely flat before being tilted and held against the building. After testing several options, the crane team developed a solution to rig the awning at eight different points along its frame, which protected the structure and allowed the component to remain flat during the heavy lift.

As the team prepared the rigging, they tested its lengths to ensure the awning could be held at a 7-degree angle following the lift. After the rigging was checked, our crane services crew conducted the lift, while pivoting the awning 90 degrees to allow it to rest in place against the building. Once in place, we maintained a steady hold for almost three hours while two welders — one on each end of the structure — attached the awning. Our client was very pleased with the final result, as well as Omega Morgan’s ability to engineer an impressive day-of solution while working well with their team to facilitate the timely installation.