Metal Fabrication


  • Hoist FR 40/60 forklift

One of the things that Omega Morgan is proud to be known for is providing one-stop-shop solutions for our customers, especially when customers are dealing with complex circumstances or problems.

Omega Morgan’s brand new location in Idaho had barely opened its doors before our Boise-based machinery moving crew got a call: a customer who owns a welding and fabrication shop in the area needed some urgent assistance with a tricky delivery.

The Need: Big Capacity and a Small Footprint

The customer was due to receive a new press brake and a new shear, and each machine clocked in at approximately 28,000 pounds. However, the customer was in need of a forklift that both had the capacity to lift the machines off the delivery truck while also being small enough to drive through the doors to the welding and fabrication shop, and so far had not been able to locate a machine with the ability to do so.

Luckily, the customer had heard that Omega Morgan had recently come to  the area. Our machinery moving team quickly mobilized to take care of the delivery. Since our Boise location was very newly opened, we even called in members of our team from the Portland location to assist: we wanted to be absolutely sure that our customer had the team and equipment needed for a successful delivery.

A Smooth Move and a New Partnership

The morning of the delivery, our machinery movers met the line haul truck carrying the new equipment, and used our Hoist FR 40/60 forklift to unload and place both machines into the shop safely and without incident. After meeting with the client and completing the project, we also noticed some synergies between our two organizations that we decided could be mutually beneficial. We are looking forward to partnering with our customer on future projects to enhance both of our operational capabilities.

It is extremely important to our Omega Morgan team to be able to do whatever is necessary to set up our clients for success. We are committed to going above and beyond to take care of our customer’s needs, big and small. Our customer was very pleased with the quick and efficient work, and so are we — happy to be up and running in the Boise area, and to have created a new partnership going forward.