• Riggers 120 Forklift

Transformer Technologies had a puzzle to sort out: Portland General Electric (PGE), needed a 55,000-pound transformer removed from one of Transformer Technologies’ substations in Boring, OR. A newer transformer was handling the load at a different substation, and this one was ready to be decommissioned.

Now on its face, that doesn’t seem like too much of a problem. However, the substation was still live and providing power through another transmission line. The transformer being removed had also live, high voltage electrical lines surrounding it, making the use of a crane pick impossible. There was no good access for getting a trailer next to the unit for jack and slide, either. Transformer Technologies was stumped–how would they remove the transformer without causing major outages for clients?

They called upon our Portland-based machinery moving specialists to get the job done. Our crews always have a few innovative solutions up our sleeves.

The Right Tool for the Job

Even though we were dealing with tight access and limited options due to the live voltage, we had just the equipment for the job. Omega Morgan’s Riggers 120 forklift was the best option for removal. The large capacity forklift has foam-filled tires, allowing it to travel under the load and through the large field of rock ground cover inside the substation. Without the Riggers, this would be a more costly and time-consuming operation. Steel plates would need to be brought in to create a travel path for hard-tired forklifts, or a slow and costly jack-and-slide process would be needed, even though it was a relatively small transformer.

No Outages = A Satisfied Customer

Not only was the project on schedule and on budget, PGE was able to have the transformer removed without taking an outage on the other lines. The specialized Riggers 120 forklift was able to get the job done more cost-effectively and faster compared to alternative methods of removal.

No other rigging contractor in the Pacific Northwest has a forklift with that level of capacity in a foam or rubber tire; we were very pleased to be able to serve Transformer Technologies and PGE with this tricky move.