• (1) 200-ton crane
  • rolling blocks
  • chain falls
  • skates

Omega Morgan’s machinery moving specialists have experienced many projects that involve challenging constraints to space. These types of projects often require innovative thinking and unique solutions to safely and efficiently move equipment where it needs to be.

Modular Power Solutions (MPS) engineers and installs electrical equipment for their customers, including data centers. The newly-constructed JE Dunn Data Center in Hillsboro, OR hired MPS to support them in getting up and running. The MPS team was at an important point in the installation: they needed to get their power skids up onto the second story of the building, and placed into the proper position in the building’s layout.

MPS contacted Omega Morgan’s Portland-based crews, since they needed a dependable and experienced machinery moving company to unload and install the power skids. They knew they could rely on a superior level of service from our team that would meet their high expectations. Our crews were happy for the opportunity to live up to our excellent reputation.

When Success Depends on an Inch

The second story of the building had a 12 foot-wide opening through which the skids would need to enter. However, the width of the skids plus the rigging equipment needed to properly place them only left a little over an inch of clearance. 

Needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lot of margin for error. 

After lifting the skids with our 200-ton crane, they were drifted into the building by landing the leading end of the power skids just inside the opening onto skates. Our crews then used rolling blocks and chain falls to drift the unit into the building. The skids needed to go a distance of about 100 yards into their own spot in an electrical room. To assist with the move, we added skates as we went along to properly move each unit into place.

A Unique Solution and a Satisfied Client

Drifting the skids into the building in this manner was a unique process that took some strategy and thought. Large pieces of equipment aren’t usually drifted into a building in this manner once the roof has been enclosed. This type of move is often executed with the use of platforms. One way involves placing the unit on an engineered scaffolding platform–the unit is lifted up onto the platform before it is moved into the building. Another method involves setting the unit upon a platform on the ground before lifting the platform up to the opening on the side of the building. However, given the space constraints and the number of skids being moved, the drifting solution ended up being the most cost-effective solution for our client.

We’re happy to report that this tricky installation went off without a hitch: on budget, on schedule and with no incidents. MPS was very satisfied with our work, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to have served MPS and their customer on this exciting project.