Food Packaging


  • Tandem Trilifters
  • Versa lifts
  • Forklifts

Overhauling a factory or plant can be a logistical challenge–to say the least–for any business. Crown Holdings, a food packaging company based in Philadelphia, was facing down this task at one of their tin packaging plants in Olympia, WA; this plant overhaul involved the demolition and dismantling of old equipment as well as the transportation and storage of large quantities of new equipment–totaling over 15,000 square feet.

Projects of this magnitude have no shortage of challenges: not only does the existing equipment need to be taken care of properly, the new equipment coming in is often shipped from many different locations and vendors, all on their own timetable. This means the company has to make accommodations to transport and store each piece of equipment as it arrives. This can run up costs and eat up time, both in great quantities.

Fortunately, Omega Morgan is one of the only companies who could provide a total solution for Crown Holding’s needs. This was a whole family affair: our Seattle-based machinery moving crews, millwrighting team, specialized transportation crews, and industrial storage and warehousing facilities took on the demolition of old equipment, and the transportation and storage of the new equipment as it came in–a project management and storage capacity feat that not many companies have the ability to take on.

The Heavy Lift

One of the biggest pieces of equipment that needed to be handled was the main tin can press the facility would use to stamp out the body of tin cans from sheets of aluminum.

After our specialized transportation crews received the equipment from trucks at the Port of Tacoma and transported it to our warehouse, our machinery moving crews used two tandem trilifters to lift and properly store the machine. The hefty move totaled 140,000 pounds.

In six months, when the equipment is ready to be placed in the newly-overhauled plant, our crew will be ready to move this mammoth machine again.

Much More than Simple Storage

The real complexity of this project is centered around what it takes to properly receive, store and manage such a large shipment of equipment.

Omega Morgan’s total service solution for industrial storage and warehousing took a huge amount of pressure off Crown Holdings in terms of logistics management. In addition to receiving and moving the large, heavy and often awkward equipment as it comes in from different vendors and locations around the country, our crews also safely store the components in a logical and orderly way so they can be easily accessible when they’re ready for our team to transport them to the newly-overhauled plant.

So far, our crews have transported, moved and stored approximately 7.5 thousand square feet of equipment for this ongoing operation. Demolition at the plant is still underway, and going well. We’re happy to report that our client is elated with the progress so far. Our team is proud to be uniquely suited to providing a holistic and cost-effective solution for our customers and their storage and transportation needs.