Omega Morgan crane services lifts a 63,200-pound girder

Over the past several years, the State of Washington has worked to improve fish passageways under roadways throughout the state. When a high-traffic thoroughfare in Kent, WA came up for necessary elevation, Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services team was contracted to provide essential heavy lift and placement services for girders along the roadway in two phases.


 Omega Morgan’s crane services team got to work as soon as they received the project and began planning for phase one with their customer—the subcontracted construction company—and the general contractor. Their objective was to raise the roadway by several feet, and because of heavy traffic, each side of the road would be elevated individually.

Omega Morgan developed several possible plans to execute the heavy lifts and made multiple site visits over the course of about three months as the construction team built up one side first. The initial plans included one crane, but the engineering team confirmed that one crane would put too much pressure on the elevation system. Staying flexible, Omega Morgan changed course and engineered a two-crane solution utilizing their Tadano 180-ton and 120-ton cranes. This reduced the ground pressure and redistributed the weight to a safe and effective level.


On the scheduled day, a crew of nine—maintenance superintendent, two crane operators, two oilers, and four drivers—arrived with the cranes at 9 pm to set up. The traffic has been compressed into one alternating lane, and three trucks made round trips carrying the nine 62-feet-long, 63,200-pound girders to the job site individually.

As each truck arrived, traffic would halt, allowing the truck to enter the construction site before resuming as the crew began rigging the girder at each end between the two cranes. Once the component was ready for the heavy lift, traffic would again halt because the swing went over the roadway. Omega Morgan’s crew worked seamlessly together as the lift director communicated between the cranes and the construction team to place each girder. Over the course of the night, the crane services crew placed all nine girders with safety and precision, finishing phase one of the work.

Both Omega Morgan’s customer and the general contractor were extremely pleased with the safe and efficient operation as well as Omega Morgan’s ability to overcome challenges. Read our latest case study for more details on this project.