Omega Morgan Machinery moving team finishing up the move of a 98,000 pound flight conveyor.

Omega Morgan’s machinery moving and specialized transportation crews assisted Pride Recycling Company in a conveyor system upgrade. The waste management company, serving Washington County and Tigard, OR, recently added food collection and composting to their services in an effort to reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions.  To accommodate this new service, they needed more space for waste stream conveyance and sorting. In turn, creating more space meant moving heavy machinery within their facility. They called on Omega Morgan to get the job done right. 

Optimizing Heavy Equipment Moving

Soon after Pride Recycling Company contacted our Portland office, our machinery moving division got to work. The project management team began with a careful assessment of the project details and objectives. They found that by tapping into our own fleet of specialized transportation equipment, we had the unique capability to get the job done more efficiently and at a lower cost to our customer.

With this optimal plan in place, we arrived on-site with a crew of six machinery moving and specialized transportation professionals, one Rover, one Versa-Lift, and three Telehandler All-Terrain forklifts. Our team set to work by first moving the existing 40,000-pound, 65-foot flight conveyor out of the work area. Then, using the forklifts in unison, they raised the new, 30,000-pound, 38-foot horizontal conveyor from ground level and placed it onto 16-foot column frames. Our team then welded new footings into the floor that would support the flight conveyor in its new location. Finally, they moved the flight conveyor back into the work area and secured it into its new footings. 

Heavy Machinery Movers Delivering Results

The new conveyance system now spans 103 feet and provides space for the additional waste conveyance and separation that Pride now processes. Omega Morgan was honored to provide our services and to assist Pride in moving their industry forward. Read our latest case study for more details on this project.