Omega Morgan’s approach to specialized heavy transportation services for heavy hauling and heavy rigging is more strategic than the rest. We take the time to fully understand our customers’ needs and design project-specific solutions that not only get the job done safely and well, but also avoid adding extra time or costs to projects.

Instead of expecting customers to design their projects around the equipment we have, we formulate transportation solutions that address their projects’ complications. We can be flexible because our equipment is modular and our engineering and field operations teams possess the depth of experience and expertise necessary to invent creative solutions for a wide variety of situations that specialized heavy transportation services can solve.

Progress never stops, even if we don’t have a specific piece of equipment. We simply envision and devise new workable solutions to meet every transportation challenge.

Specialized HEAVY Transportation Services

Our team creates specialized heavy transportation plans and develops innovative solutions for complex projects that involve moving super loads and high-end, oversized equipment.

For example, we proved our ability to transport over-dimensional loads without causing any environmental impact when we created a new high-wide route through Oregon and Idaho in a specialized heavy transportation services project.

During the project planning phase, we check the legal parameters for load dimensions and weight set by each state in which the load will travel and coordinate meeting any necessary permit and escort requirements.

Whether we’re transporting oversized loads across town or across the country, our engineers and specialized heavy transportation services teams also deliver optimal results in cost and time savings. Our comprehensive project planning offerings include services such as:

  • Engineered Transportation Plans – Specialized planning to help you navigate the entire journey safely and efficiently.
  • Route Surveys and Feasibility Studies – Evaluate the feasibility of shipping various configurations of equipment to determine the optimal size to build your pieces and best route to accommodate them.
  • Dedicated Project Management – You get a dedicated project management team for every project to ensure we flawless execute every plan.
  • Project Cargo Logistics – Coordinated cargo movement from a single company.
  • Barge Service Logistics – Detailed operations plans for barge service projects.
  • Engineered Sea Fastening and Ballast Plans – Evaluate and design solutions for logistical challenges in marine transportation.

Heavy Lift & Heavy Rigging

Whether we’re completing single lifts or multiple complex lifts, our team relishes opportunities to devise new solutions others have yet to consider.

Because of their nature, heavy lift jobs automatically involve high risks. Yet, our top-notch engineering and experienced operations crew makes completing heavy lift jobs look easy.

In fact, a client once called our execution of a skid job of a three million pound culvert “actually quite boring.” The project had been widely anticipated, making many people in several companies extremely nervous. But with the stellar execution between our engineering and operations teams, the project’s execution flowed so well that it appeared boring.

Our team provides solutions for any heavy lift or heavy rigging need including:

  • “ABC” Accelerated Bridge Construction projects.
    • We have the right equipment to move a bridge in a single day.

Our engineers and operations crew devise and execute plans that work with our extensive inventory of heavy lift equipment including:

  • Barge services.
    • As part of our turnkey service, we supply easy access to barges and the ability to incorporate ballast, stow and seafastening plans into a project.
  • Skid gear for linear moves of heavy objects. Adding multiple skid shoes and jacks increases the system’s capacity as needed.
    • Equipment includes: Ekki (special hardwood), skid tracks, skid shoes, 150-ton jacks, and specially designed hydraulic power packs.
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMTs) for linear and non-linear moves over limited distances.
    • Trailers come in 4, 6 or 8 lines per trailer. Adding more lines increases the system’s capacity as needed, which makes the system ideal for lifting large objects.
    • Trailers can spin on a dime, and move in any direction.
  • Hydraulic dollies, good for spreading loads over wide areas.
  • Hydraulic gantries for lifting heavy objects from the top. Gantries have a small footprint with a large lifting capacity.
    • Gantries come in 250 ton, 440 ton, and 550 ton capacities.
  • Hydraulic jacks are available in various capacities. Self-climbing jacks are efficient and flexible.
  • Synchronous jacking systems. These control the stroke of each jack so that a load can be lifting evenly even though the load on each jack may vary.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Omega Morgan’s approach to heavy haul trucking is more versatile than others. We are your strategic partner from the start, performing route surveys to detect potential road hazards, eliminate delays, and determine the safest, most efficient way to transport oversized loads.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals and variety of heavy haul trucking equipment provides us with the necessary tools to successfully transport almost any type over-dimensional, oversized load and/or overweight freight.

We’ve customized solutions for unique challenges in a wide variety of heavy haul transportation projects. Our most common projects involve transportation of:

  • Air Exchangers
  • All Yellow Iron
  • Boats
  • Boilers
  • Bridge Beams
  • Compressors
  • Concrete Precasts
  • Condensers
  • Construction Tractors
  • Control Buildings
  • Cooling Towers
  • Cranes
  • Dehydration Equipment
  • Domes
  • Excavators
  • Generators
  • Grinders
  • Hydraulic Gantry
  • Injection Mold Machines
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Mining Equipment
  • Planes
  • Piping
  • Stamping Presses
  • Steel Drums
  • Transformers
  • Turbines
  • Wind Energy Equipment

Over-dimensional transport, oversized loads, and/or overweight freight require specialized hauling trailers that can support and secure loads. Many decades of industry experience has taught us that every haul is different, which is why our trailers can be configured to meet the exact needs of our customers’ loads.

We are able to meet any project need with an extensive fleet of trailers that includes:

  • Flatbeds
  • Stretched-Stepdecks
  • Drop Decks
  • Double-drops
  • Lowboys
  • Removable Gooseneck Lowboys (RGNs)
  • Perimeter Deck Trailers
  • Multi-Axle Lowboys
  • Stepdecks
  • Steerable Dolly Systems
  • Low Profile Dolly Systems
  • Bunk & Dolly Systems
  • 9-13 Axle Configurations
  • Dual Lane
  • Hydraulic Platform Trailers
  • SPMT’s
  • Suspension Girder System

Teamwork: The Key to Your Success

We invest in highly skilled engineers with the experience and ingenuity to analyze the details of every specialized heavy transportation services project, and design plans to safely meet every lifting, rigging, logistic, and transportation challenge. We are committed to maintaining the safest, most up-to-date heavy rigging hardware and transportation equipment as part of our full-service solution offerings.

Our customers trust our highly trained teams to move almost anything, helping us earn our reputation for reliability under the most challenging conditions as Omega Morgan continues “Doing the Impossible. Daily.”


  • Specialized Transportation
  • Heavy Haul
  • Route Surveys
  • Oversized Loads
  • Transportation and Rigging Feasibility Studies
  • Engineered Transportation Plans
  • Project Cargo Logistics
  • Heavy Lift
  • Engineered Heavy Lift Plans
  • Barging
  • Engineered Sea Fastening and Ballast Plans

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Connecting the City of Portland: Installing the Blumenauer Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

Industry Bridge/Highway

Equipment Used (2) 550 ton cranes, 360 ton crane, 550 ton (4) post gantry, 6 line SPMT with power pack, (2) 30K forklifts, (2) 12K reach lifts, (4) 60’-80’ manlifts, OM large power pack, (4) 75 ton climbing jacks, multiple racks of Ekki wood and crib ties, 24’ Ro-Ro ramps, and elephant stands

Description Addressing the need for a north/south crossing in Portland, the Blumenauer Bridge is a highly anticipated service bike/walkway for the city. Omega Morgan’s specialized transport team overcame engineering and time frame challenges to successfully install the bridge in under 55 hours.

Full Case Study

A Quick Turnaround: Transporting a 300,000 Pound Transformer from Cornelius, OR

Industry Utilities

Equipment Used 2015 Kenworth C500 prime mover, t-bar jeep from our high frame trailer, 150 ton trailer with torque tubes, 2016 Kenworth T800 tri drive tractor push truck

Description To avoid potential power outages, a transformer needed to make it from a rail siding in Cornelius, OR, to a substation in Sherwood within 2 weeks. Between permit and route challenges and an ever tightening time frame, our specialized transportation team worked efficiently to make a safe and timely delivery.

Full Case Study

Precision Required: Using our 250 Ton Gantry to Set a Compressor and Turbine into a Compressor Station

Industry Oil & Gas

Equipment Used Faymonville Trailer and 250 Ton Gantry System

Description One compressor and one turbine needed to be transported from Calgary, AB, to Chetwynd, BC, and placed into an already constructed building. That’s where our specialized transport team and our 250 ton gantry system came in and got the job done with precision and care.

Full Case Study

Special Delivery: Transporting 4 adsorber vessels from the Port of Vancouver

Industry Industrial engineering / Manufacturing

Equipment Used 4-axle tractor, (2) specialized transportation tank trailers

Description 4 adsorber vessels needed to get from the Port of Vancouver to our yard in North Plains, OR. Enter our specialized transportation crew and our specialized tank trailers, ready for two nights of safe and efficient transportation.

Full Case Study

Passing an Impasse: Transporting a Transformer to Anaconda, Montana

Industry Electrical Power Generation

Equipment Used Kenworth C500 Tractor, High Frame Trailer, Kenworth T800 Tri-Drive Tractor, 6-Line Self-Propelled Line Trailer, Jack and Slide System

Description A rail and rigging company needed to get a transformer to a site in Anaconda, Montana. The only catch? The load was too tall for the route, making it impassable. Enter our specialized transportation team, ready to figure out an expert solution to this transportation challenge.

Full Case Study

There’s Always a Way: Transporting a transformer over tricky terrain to Jerome, ID

Industry Power Distribution/Energy

Equipment Used (1) 125-ton dual lane perimeter deck trailer, (1) Pull truck, (1) Push truck, (1) 400-ton jack and slide system

Description Our specialized transportation team stepped up in Boise to help an energy provider transport a new transformer to their facility in Jerome, ID. Though most transformers are nearly identical, no two moves are exactly the same. Our crews had to carefully plan a safe and efficient route for our customer.

Full Case Study

Making History: Transporting Massive Turbine Runners to Remote British Columbia

Industry Hydroelectric energy

Equipment Used 12 Dolly Dual Lane Trailer, Custom-Built Truss Tubes and Widening Beams, Custom-Built Reusable Restraint System, Jack & Slide System

Description Omega Morgan’s Canadian specialized transportation crews faced one of their biggest challenges yet: transporting two loads with 770,000 pounds worth of equipment each for an historic hydroelectric infrastructure project. The trip took them into a remote part of British Columbia, and involved many hazards - but this is where our specialized transportation crews shine.

Full Case Study

A Groundbreaking Transportation Solution for Wind Components

Industry Renewable Energy

Equipment Used (2) 220T Crawler Cranes, (2) 110T Crawler Cranes, Blade trailers, Shuttle line-trailers, Reach lifts, Fork lifts, Double Schnabel, Single Schnabel

Description When jammed transportation routes put a renewable energy customer in a real bind, our specialized transportations crews helped create a solution to transport the components from the Ports of Longview and Vancouver to Alberta, Canada--the first of its kind to be done in the Pacific Northwest.

Full Case Study

Sliding Into Place: Moving a Transformer at a Portland Substation

Industry Power Generation

Equipment Used Jack-and-slide system, 6-1 line SPMT

Description Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crews were tasked with moving a transformer at a Portland, OR energy substation--a move that presented a few tricky challenges.

Full Case Study

A coordinated effort: transporting and unloading a shunt reactor in British Columbia, Canada

Industry Energy

Equipment Used 2015 Kenworth C500, 150-ton trailer, push truck

Description Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crews out of Calgary used sharp planning and careful coordination to transport and set a 213,000-pound shunt reactor at a hydroelectric generating station in British Columbia.

Full Case Study

From Tacoma to Dakota: Loading and Transporting a Tail Gas Drum

Industry Logistics

Equipment Used (1) 100-Ton Dual Lane Loader trailer, (2) 130-ton mobile cranes: Grove 6300L-1 and Leibherr 1160

Description A logistics company called on Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crew to assist with an important last minute project--transporting a tail gas drum from the Seattle, WA area to a refinery in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Full Case Study

Loading and Lashing a Ship Loader in Vancouver, WA

Industry Agriculture

Equipment Used 1 x KMAG 6-Line SPMT, 4 x Dollies & 1 x Prime Mover

Description Omega Morgan completed the complex move of a 530,000 pound ship loader for an engineering and manufacturing firm. Our team implemented solutions to load and lash the equipment without incident.

Full Case Study

Keeping pace and keeping safe: transporting components for a new wind farm

Industry Wind Energy

Equipment Used (2) double Schnabel trailers, (1) single Schnabel trailer, (1) 13-axle perimeter trailer

Description Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crews hauled tower sections for 38 new wind turbines from Longview, WA to Vail, WA.

Full Case Study

Specialized Transportation and Installation of Hot Isostatic Press in Albany, OR

Industry Fabricated Metal Products

Equipment Used 150 ton dual lane transporter, 160 ton dual lane transporter, 125 ton dual lane transporter, (2) 550T cranes

Description Omega Morgan completed the transportation and installation of one of the largest Hot Isostatic Presses in the world in Albany, OR. Our Portland-based specialized transportation, machinery moving and millwright crews were able to make this massively-sized project into one single, efficient mobilization.

Full Case Study

Transporting a 158,000 Pound Transformer and Slide Gear System at 500 PSF

Industry Public Utilities

Equipment Used 100 ton Dual Lane Loader trailer with (2) Tri-Tri tractors

Description Omega Morgan supported the Wildish Building Company when they took on a project to upgrade an existing powerhouse. Wildish Building Company needed to remove two transformers and then install two new larger transformers. The project also required the removal and replacement of a powerhouse deck, and, in order to comply with the limited deck loading, Omega Morgan had to design and build a runway to distribute a 158,000 pound transformer and slide gear system load to 500 PSF.

Full Case Study

507,000 Pound Transformer to Barge Move

Industry Power Generation

Equipment Used 10-line Platform Trailer, Jack & Slide System, 286’ x 78’ Barge, Roro Ramps

Description Our specialized transportation crew provided a turn-key solution for a client in need: planning and executing a process to move a 507,000 pound transformer. In addition to jacking and sliding the large transformer onto an Omega Morgan 10-line platform trailer and navigating its transport over a railroad crossing, our team prepared the transformer for transport overseas.

Full Case Study

Moving 22ft Ozone Tanks on a Strict Time Limit

Industry Construction

Equipment Used 11 axle perimeter deck trailer with low-profile rails, 7 axle perimeter deck tank trailer, pair of 4 axle tractors to pull

Description With only five weeks notice, Omega Morgan did the seemingly impossible: transporting (3) 22-foot wide ozone tanks over 39 miles of mostly rural land in Oregon. With narrow roads and many utilities and wires framing the route, this project definitely earned its SC&RA Hauling Job of the Year award!

Full Case Study

Complex Compressor Transportation From California to Canada

Industry Oil & Gas

Equipment Used Stretch Cozad 9 Axle Trailers, Faymonville HWY MAX

Description Omega Morgan worked with one of the largest North American oil and gas companies to move two 100,000 pound compressors along with more than 25 loads of shiploose materials from California and 2 over dimensional coolers from Texas to Taylor, BC.

Full Case Study

Going Heavy for a Transformer Transport Near Portland, Oregon

Industry Electrical

Equipment Used (2) 72-foot trailers, Kenworth C500 semi, (2) Kenworth T800 semis

Description Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation team moved a 460,000 pound transformer nearly 50 miles, using a transport the length of a football field with a total weight of almost one million pounds...

Full Case Study

Specialized Transportation: Moving a Tunnel Boring Machine in Seattle

Industry Heavy Civil

Equipment Used 3 dual lane trailers with low-profile rails

Description Transported (3) TBM components from Husky Stadium to JCM Northlink’s tunnel access site in downtown Seattle. All (3) hauls were made twice in (2) nights with limited hours using Omega Morgan’s dual lane trailers. The trailers were equipped with modified low-profile rails to ensure clearance under the low trolley lines and pedestrian bridges.

Full Case Study

Vessel Transport & Lift

Industry Chemical

Equipment Used 4 Axle Tractor, 100-Ton Dual Lane Trailer, LTM 1400 Crane

Description Transported vessel from Port of Longview to chemical plant in Longview, WA. Configured OM lane loader to 18’6” wide to reduce ride height of vessel. Lifted vessel from trailer and set in place on a 12-foot high pedestal.

Full Case Study

Specialized Transportation - Treacherous Compressor Move in British Columbia

Industry Oil & Gas

Equipment Used 4 Axle Tractor, 150 Ton Dual Lane Trailer, 2 tri-drive push trucks

Description We hauled 3 compressor packages totaling 216’L x 18’W x 15’8”T at 181,000 lbs. from Fraser Surrey Docks, Fraser Surrey British Columbia to the following 3 locations in BC: Merritt, 93 Mile, and Chilliwack. This project was the heaviest piece permitted and successfully hauled through the British Columbia Interior on the chosen route to date.

Full Case Study

Fight A.L.S. Tank Barge Transportation Case Study

Industry Marine

Equipment Used Hydraulic skidding system, (32) hydraulic jacks & power pack

Description We were asked to assist creating and executing the transport of the Fight A.L.S. tank barge from our customer’s build way to a dry dock where the barge could be prepared for its eventual launch. In this tank barge transportation case study we discuss the unique challenges and solutions for this project and how it was successfully completed.

Full Case Study

The Omega Morgan guys are excellent to work with and we engage them for around six to eight projects a year. They are proactive on the job site and are great problem solvers. But I think their biggest asset has been their willingness to upgrade their equipment. This allows them to deliver projects in a real, timely fashion. I think they do that better than anybody else in the industry. Oh yeah, did I say they’re always on budget? I shouldn’t leave that out. - PROJECT DIRECTOR, HLI RAIL & RIGGING