Power Distribution


  • Six-Line Self Propelled Kamag Platform Trailer
  • Omega Morgan Dual Lane High Frame Trailer
  • 2000 Western Star Tridrive 550Cat
  • 2016 Kenworth T800 Tridrive

During the finalization of a new substation in Moscow, ID, one of the onsite transformers failed. Needing a replacement transformer—as well as the removal of the failed unit—to minimize any delays to power distribution, the energy company contracted a logistics provider to handle the transportation. Since the new transformer would be arriving by rail, the contractor needed reliable OTR transport for the failed component and safe delivery and placement of the new one.

That’s where Omega Morgan’s Portland specialized transportation team came in. Our crew’s expertise and solution-oriented approach lent themselves to this multi-step project. As we waited for the new transformer to land at the Port of Lewiston, we got to work planning a world-class solution.


Our first step involved meeting at the substation to survey the layout and the 389,000-pound unit to be removed. We also took the opportunity to run a route survey. During the job walk, our team identified that we would need to plate some of the cable trays and transload the transformer to our platform trailer. 

We then began to map out routes that could handle the weight, as well as coordinate traffic control and signal support in Moscow. We also entered into an agreement with the Port of Lewiston to utilize the facility for rail siding and transloading. Our customer was responsible for ensuring that the transformer arrived in Lewiston, and our plan began once it was spotted.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project centered around the permitting process. With the new transformer measuring 29’7″ long by 12’4″ wide by 16’11” tall and weighing 352,000 pounds, our team submitted applications for a Non-Reducible Single Trip Oversize/Overweight Permit through the Idaho Transportation Department (IDT). Near the end of the permitting process, we were thrown a curveball: we were informed that we needed to engineer several structures as part of the approval. However, with short-notice help from an engineering firm, we were able to show IDT that the bridges en route would be safe. We obtained approval shortly after.

We also applied for permits for our Kamag Six-Line SPMT to transload the transformer and mobilize and demobilize permits for the high-frame halves of the trailer we used between the port and Moscow.

Initially, our team planned to remove the old transformer and place the new unit as one continuous job. However, when the railcar was significantly delayed, we switched gears and decided to remove the original unit on schedule and then remobilize to place the new component.


Once our plans changed due to the delay, our crew of four arrived in Moscow to remove the transformer. We jack and slid the transformer off its pad and onto our self-propelled trailer to move the unit to our high-frame trailer. Once loaded and secured, the team transported the transformer to the Port of Lewiston over one night. A few weeks after completing the removal, our team heard from the port that the new transformer had arrived.

We mobilized our reach forklift and slide gear to the port, and our crew of four started by jacking and sliding the transformer. After building the high-frame trailer around the massive component, we tied it down for the journey. Adding one crew member and a few pilot trucks, we arrived back at the Moscow substation in one night.

Delivery and placement began by uncoupling the transformer from the high frame and transloading it to our six-line Kamag platform trailer. We remote-steered the self-propelled trailer across the plated trenchways and next to the transformer pad. Then, our crew jacked the transformer up, installed slide beams and slide shoes under the unit, and slid it to the pad.

The substation and our customer were very pleased with our safe transport of both transformers and the flexibility with which we overcame the challenges. We are always happy to deliver an effective, efficient solution for our customers.