Fabricated Metal Products


  • 150 ton dual lane transporter
  • 160 ton dual lane transporter
  • 125 ton dual lane transporter
  • (2) 550T cranes

Quintus Technologies’ QIH286, one of the largest Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP) in the world, was set to be installed at Stack Metallurgic’s facility in Albany, Oregon. It was a massive set of equipment, and it all needed to be offloaded at the Port of Tacoma and transported 215 miles to Albany for installation.

Due to the sheer size and volume of components, Quintus was looking at a minimum of three trips just to get the components transported to Albany. The job could be split up amongst multiple contractors, but that would only result in a longer process and a far-off installation date.

They were in need of a partner who could provide comprehensive, turnkey services–offloading, transportation, lifting and installation–to make the whole project into one single, efficient mobilization.

That’s where Omega Morgan came in. We worked with Quintus several years ago; they reached out to us and discovered our Portland-based specialized transportation, machinery moving and millwright crews could provide a full-service package. We all rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

The Long Haul

The first part of the process was to get the equipment offloaded at the Port of Tacoma. The entire machine came in by ship, and the Port hired Omega Morgan to offload the three large components. They were loaded directly onto three of our trailers: a 150-ton dual lane transporter, a 160-ton dual lane transporter, and a 125-ton dual lane transporter. Omega Morgan is the only company in the Pacific Northwest with the capacity to provide three separate trailers for a single-mobilization move like this.

There were also 21 truckloads of smaller components that needed to be coordinated and moved to the facility. After everything was in place, we began the 215-mile trip down the I-5 corridor to Albany.

An Engineered Solution

The project also required engineering to determine the safest and most efficient way to lift the three large components through an opening in the facility’s roof. Once we had a method, we realized that a special lifting fixture would be needed to complete the move–a fixture that Omega Morgan had engineered and fabricated.

To prepare for installation, our crews worked on the technical assembly of the support structure that rested at the bottom of a 20-foot pit in the floor of the facility. This involved laying out the location using our millwright services for precise alignment. Large-core drilled anchors were set, components were aligned, verified, final-set and grouted into place before the major components arrived.

Once they arrived on site, we set the major components into place using 2 of our 550-ton cranes. Our crews then offloaded and assembled the rest of the components, housing, piping and structures that were involved in the installation process.

Just The Beginning

We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to support Quintus with the move of this HIP, the largest press to be installed in the Pacific Northwest. Quintus was very happy with the end result, as were the owners of the facility.

We’re also proud of all of the Omega Morgan crews on the execution of this move, and of our ability to be the singular full-service provider of specialized transportation, machinery moving, rigging and millwright services for our client partners.