• 125 and 150-ton dual-lane trailers
  • sixteen lines of dual-lane platform trailer

Expanding its operations in Hillsboro, OR, an international freight forwarding client contracted with Omega Morgan for multi-project support. Needing an experienced and reliable specialized transportation company capable of the scope, scale, and long-term time frame of the expansion, our Portland team was the obvious choice. After multiple successful project completions, we turned to the next challenge at hand.    

Our customer needed four massive components transported from the Port of Longview to their site in Hillsboro. The largest of these loads measured over 270 feet long and weighed 780,000 pounds, including the transport vehicles. With ten months to plan as the components were manufactured and made their way overseas, Omega Morgan prepared to deliver a world-class specialized transportation solution.


The largest challenge our specialized transportation team faced came from the sheer scale of component size and the number of external forces to consider. As we worked to find the best route for the components and the right equipment to make the transport possible, the moving target of the vessels’ arrival dates required flexibility as we applied for permitting and scheduled police escorts and traffic control. The team’s logistical expertise was critical during this phase.

In addition to the four large hauls, there were several smaller loads to deliver throughout the planning process. Measuring between four feet cubed at 200 pounds and 20 feet cubed at 1,000 pounds, these smaller components included storage and support items. The team delivered those as they arrived in Longview before, during, and after the delivery of the larger components.

Preparing for the over-dimensional components, the team applied for necessary oversized permits, right-of-way permits, and a permit to build a temporary elevated bridge over a section of the route unable to sustain the load. We also required authorization from local utility owners to raise and move power and phone lines along the route to clear the loads. Once these came in, our team stayed in coordination with the Port of Longview, ready to jump into action once the components arrived.


The four components consisted of two heat exchangers (83’ long; 215,000 pounds), one argon cold box (139’ long; 380,000 pounds), and one rectification cold box (144’ long; 437,000 pounds). Each component measured approximately 17’ wide and 14’ tall. Taking them two at a time, our team—consisting of four transport crew, two safety crew, two pilots, and four bucket trucks—began with one heat exchanger and the argon box, followed by the second heat exchanger and the rectification box.

The heat exchangers were hauled using our 125-ton and 150-ton dual-lane trailers, respectively, complete with a pull truck in the front and a push truck in the back. Because of their lengths, the team suspended both the argon and rectification boxes between two eight-line platform trailers to provide necessary flexibility around turns. Pull and push trucks were also utilized to haul the platform trailers.

The safety of our crews, the cargo, and the communities along our routes are of the utmost importance. Over the course of two consecutive weekends—with support from traffic control—our team transported the loads along the 45-mile route at six hours per night. Using steel beams and ramps, our team worked efficiently to construct the temporary elevated bridge to bring the load safely across.

On the final evening, after arriving in Hillsboro, our team unloaded the cargo at the facility in excellent condition. On-time and under budget, Omega Morgan impressed our client with another world-class specialized transportation solution.

This complex solution also won Omega Morgan the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association’s Hauling Job of the Year award in 2021.