• (1) 100-Ton Dual Lane Loader trailer
  • (2) 130-ton mobile cranes: Grove 6300L-1 and Leibherr 1160

A large logistics company got into a bind while hauling a tail gas drum out of the Port of Tacoma. They found themselves in urgent need of a specialized transportation service that could transport the 120,000 pound tail gas drum. This piece of equipment needed to get all the way from the Port of Tacoma to a refinery in Dickinson, North Dakota.

The company needed an expert heavy transportation company–so they decided to contact our Seattle-based specialized transportation crews to assist them in getting the drum loaded, transported and on the way to its final destination. And if our crews are known for anything, it’s for coming through with safety and excellence when the stakes are high.

Phase One: The Pickup

The Omega Morgan crews mobilized to the site, and had to act fast–the equipment needed to be moved as soon as possible and with minimal disruption to traffic flow in the area. Since the road would need to be closed to complete the move, our crews went out in the middle of the night, and got to work loading the cargo to an Omega Morgan trailer.

Our crews used two 130-ton cranes–a Grove 6300L-1 and a Liebherr 1160— to move the 71-foot long, 120,000 pound drum onto our trailers, and brought it back to our facilities in Fife, WA so it could be prepared for its long journey to North Dakota.

Phase Two: The Prepwork

In order to properly ready the drum for transport, we first set the drum on load cells to weigh the vessel and verify the center of gravity using the two 130-ton cranes. We then removed and modified the saddles to reduce the drum’s height for the trip–there were places along the route where height restrictions would be problematic.

To further reduce the height, we also rotated the drum 45 degrees to reposition the tailing lug from the top to the side. Once the drum was loaded and our crews were sure we’d have clearance while on the road, we got on our way.

Phase Three: Bon Voyage

For the final part of this project, our crews trucked the tail gas drum from Fife to Dickinson, ND. The trip went smoothly–all 1,100 miles of it.

We’re pleased to have been able to support our client in a time of need. Our Omega Morgan specialized transportation team brings years of experience, careful attention and exceptional work to projects of any size or scope. The best way to serve our clients? Save them time and money by getting the work done right.