Oil & Gas


  • Faymonville Trailer and 250 Ton Gantry System

Moving natural gas from production well sites to the end consumer requires compressor stations to help maintain the pressure and flow of gas through the pipeline. Our client was constructing a compressor station in Chetwynd, BC, and needed a compressor and a turbine transported and then placed into the station building. The challenge presented by this situation was that these components had skids (the bases of the turbine and compression systems) that were not engineered to move into place through a doorway via jack and slide, but had to be placed by crane. That’s when our heavy lift and rigging team was brought in to develop a solution utilizing our 250 ton gantry system.


The first portion of this job was transporting the compressor and turbine 950 km from our yard in Calgary, AB, to their station in Chetwynd, BC. These essential pieces of equipment had to be moved within a set schedule to align with construction timelines. The compressor measured 21’ long by 13’ wide by 13’2” high and weighed 229,880 pounds, while the turbine measured 37’6” long by 13’ wide by 13’8” high and weighed 102,180 pounds.

Our heavy lift and rigging crew safely and securely loaded these substantial pieces of equipment onto our 150 ton dual-lane perimeter deck trailer and our Faymonville HighwayMAX trailer and made the several-day trek from Alberta to British Columbia.


Once the compressor and turbine arrived in Chetwynd, the challenge of placing them within the building began. Our engineering team had already devised a plan with the client’s project team to precision set these components using our 250 ton lift and lock gantry system.

Omega Morgan’s experienced heavy lift and rigging team worked together to back the unit up as far as it would allow with mere inches of extra space. The crew then rigged up the components and safely lifted them off our Faymonville trailer. Each component was individually precision set using laser measurements to the pads where they would be connected to the rest of the system. Our skilled technicians executed this process seamlessly with precision and care.

Our client was very pleased with our experienced team and the equipment we used to complete this job. As the only company in Western Canada with a lift and lock gantry system, we were glad to put it to good use as part of the solution to this unique challenge.