• 4 Axle Tractor
  • 100-Ton Dual Lane Trailer
  • LTM 1400 Crane

Teamwork means combining the skills and capabilities of multiple groups in order to achieve a common goal and increase efficiency. In one recent heavy lift and rigging project taken on by our Portland office, Omega Morgan moved a 172,000 pound vessel from the Port of Longview to a chemical plant in Longview, WA. This heavy haul project demonstrated the ways in which Omega Morgan’s individual teams come together to accomplish even the most difficult projects.

The Problem: Heavy Haul in a Challenging Situation

Omega Morgan’s customer asked our heavy lift and rigging team to pick up a vessel from the Port of Longview, and transport it to its chemical plant in the city. One problem immediately arose: the height of the vessel would make it difficult to transport. We also had to find a way to not just transport the vessel, but also utilize our crane division to lift and set the vessel in place on a 12 foot-high pedestal at the chemical plant.

And, of course, timing mattered to the customer. Waiting to set up the crane until the transport arrived was not an option. Instead, we had to make sure that everything was ready for the vessel to be lifted immediately upon arrival.

The Process: Combining Heavy Rigging and Heavy Lift for Precision and Power

To accomplish our goals, we enlisted the help of two teams. Our Heavy Lift and Rigging Division teamed up with our Crane Division to rig, lift, and set the vessel at its destination. Both teams were well prepared for the challenges described above.

First, we configured our 100-Ton Dual Lane Trailer to a width of 18 feet, 6 inches. Doing so allowed us to account for and actually reduce the height of the vessel, a heavy haul which would have otherwise been difficult to transport for even a single mile. Once the trailer was configured, the Port of Longview directly discharged the cargo, moving it straight from the ship to our truck.

After the discharge, our heavy lift and rigging crew transported the vessel along Industrial Way to arrive at the chemical plant. During the transport, our crane crew went to work. The team positioned our LTM 1400 Crane at the facility to prepare for the lift of the vessel as soon as it arrived.

Once the trailer arrived, we backed it into position at the chemical plant. At that point, our crane team jumped into action and prepped the vessel for the lift. We moved the cargo to its final destination, a 12 foot-high pedestal, and set it in place precisely and without issue.

The Result: Combined Efforts for Complete Customer Satisfaction

As a result of the teamwork and interplay of two of our divisions, Omega Morgan was able to complete this project on time, and to the full satisfaction of the customer. Heavy rigging and lifting activities had to be uniquely coordinated to avoid any issues during the process. Through that coordination, we were able to maximize our potential and leverage our existing expertise.

The result was a resounding success. The teamwork and experience on both teams uniquely positions us to take on similar projects in the future.