Omega Morgan heavy lift and rigging crewmember watches as their 250-ton gantry system lifts heavy equipment into place in Chetwynd, BC

When an oil and gas company confronted the complex challenge of the transport and placement of a compressor and turbine into a compressor station, our heavy lift and rigging team got to work. This job required careful planning as the components could not be slid in through a doorway, but had to be lifted and placed by crane.


Transporting the compressor and turbine 650 miles from our yard in Calgary, AB, to the compressor station in Chetwynd, BC, took several days and required our 150 ton dual-lane perimeter deck trailer and our Faymonville HighwayMAX trailer. The load was substantial as the components weighed a combined 332,060 pounds.


Resolving the challenge of placing the components into the constructed station building involved our 250 ton gantry system—the only one in Western Canada—laser measurements, and mere inches of available space. When the heavy lift and rigging team arrived at the compressor station with the load, they executed the plan seamlessly.

Our client was very pleased with the delivery and precise placement of these essential components by our heavy lift and rigging solutions team and 250 ton gantry system.

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