Omega Morgan metrology expert rigging the table for assembly on the machine X-Axis ways.After machine failure left a Tacoma, WA aerospace part manufacturer unable to produce its precision products, the company sought our expert metrology team to repair the equipment and get them back up and running. As the client was unable to manufacture products without an operational computer numerical control (CNC) machine, the pressure was on for our crew to deliver a metrology services solution.


Omega Morgan’s Seattle metrology technicians quickly determined the cause of the CNC machine’s breakdown. An inner component — the X-Axis — possessed an unusual design, which left the bearing material exposed to metal debris from the cutting process. This led the crew to suggest a complete upgrade of the component, with the goal of providing advanced operation and improved future performance, rather than simply repairing the broken piece.

Upgrading the component allowed our technicians to not only ensure more protection for the bearing material, but also relocate the oil runners from their unusual placement on the top of the X-Axis to a more efficient location underneath the table.


Over the course of five weeks, two metrology technicians worked painstakingly with precision and expert skill to complete the innovative upgrade one layer at a time. First, our technicians rigged the X-Axis table for easy maneuvering. Then they continually utilized advanced laser technology to ensure absolute accuracy — to the micron level — as they replaced, repaired, and refurbished. After the final adjustments, the X-Axis Table was reassembled with the CNC machine. Not only is the machine able to produce precision parts once more, but thanks to our innovative improvements, its accuracy has improved as well.

This complex repair demonstrated the qualities that set Omega Morgan’s metrology services apart from other companies, by combining old-school hand scraping skills with highly technical laser measurement. Our client is pleased to be back up and running, and they appreciated our team’s dedication to providing the best possible solution, rather than a quick fix.

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