Omega Morgan Machinery Moving crew members setting up a steel base to prepare for replacing a bearing pad in a parking garage

Omega Morgan engineers a solution to help repair a damaged parking deck in downtown Portland

Omega Morgan’s Portland-based team of heavy machinery movers engineered a solution to help repair a parking deck in downtown Portland…

Omega Morgan North Seattle location yard entrance

Omega Morgan Announces Grand Opening of Northern Seattle Location

Omega Morgan is proud to announce the grand opening of a new north Seattle location, serving a geography from I90…

Omega Morgan's machinery moving crews lift an overhead crane with a gantry system at a Mcminville, Oregon facility

Omega Morgan Performs Overhead Crane Swap at McMinville Steel Mill

Using our custom-designed gantry system and hydraulic turntable, Omega Morgan’s machinery moving team recently completed a swap of two, 27.5…

large metal press being lowered into a pit at Kittyhawk's Canby facility under the watchful eye of an Omega Morgan Machinery Moving crew member in a hardhat and vest

Omega Morgan Installs Hot Isostatic Press for Kittyhawk Products in Canby, OR

Kittyhawk Products, a hot isostatic pressing company based out of Garden Grove, CA has started their expansion into the Pacific…

inside an Omega Morgan warehouse and storage facility where rows of equipment are stored and a warehouse forklift is parked in front of the rows

Omega Morgan Secures New Rental Warehouse For Customer Storage Needs

Omega Morgan, known for solving complex equipment moving problems, recently acquired a 56,000 square foot storage facility in Hillsboro, Oregon….

Omega Morgan Machinery Moving team semi truck delivering transformer at Vashon Island Substation

Omega Morgan Replaces Electrical Transformers Under Difficult Conditions

Every electric company works with transformers that regulate the larger grid. When the equipment becomes outdated, replacement is a major…

machinery moving crew member watching as a generator is lowered beneath the sidewalk at Seattle Central College

Omega Morgan Provides a Power Source for Students in Seattle

Every large organization needs backup power sources, but some locations make that requirement more difficult to achieve than others. When…

downtown seattle 2+U office tower frame being set up by cranes and equipment

Omega Morgan Partners with Lifting Gear Hire and Apex Steel on 2+U Office Tower Building Project

A recent case study published by Lifting Gear Hire, a lifting equipment rental specialist, featured Omega Morgan Crane Service and…

Omega Morgan caterpillar lifts antique trolley in parking lot

Omega Morgan Relocates Old Spaghetti Factory Trolley out of Historic Building

Occasionally, unique challenges present themselves during our machinery moving projects. The Old Spaghetti Factory, called the Omega Morgan-Seattle office to…