Omega Morgan machinery moving crews lifting a yellow overhead crane at a  Mcminville, Oregon facility

Using our custom-designed gantry system and hydraulic turntable, Omega Morgan’s machinery moving team recently completed a swap of two, 27.5 ton-capacity overhead double girder bridge cranes for a steel mill in McMinville, Oregon.

The mill needed to switch the configuration of the cranes after they made a change in their operations process. Our team had a few challenges to work through in order to complete the move: both the space in the building and the timeline to get the swap done were tight. We needed to be absolutely accurate to avoid a collision of these massive cranes, and we had to move with pace to keep the mill operations going with minimal disruption.

We started by taking meticulous measurements to confirm the stack-up height of the cranes and equipment. When all was said and done, we were working with seven inches of clearance and a 24-hour window to complete the move.

Due to our careful planning and experience with moves like these, we’re pleased to say that the job was completed without any mishaps or unexpected surprises. We’re also glad to be able to serve this client for the second time using our gantry system–Omega Morgan had originally assembled and placed these cranes when they were first acquired by the mill.

Our gantry system provides a safe way to move overhead cranes, and can do so in tight spaces without any disruption to the building structure. This is a huge advantage when the move needs to happen fast; no need to tear down roofs or open up walls.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to complete this tricky and time-sensitive move for the McMinville steel mill with both safety and speed.

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