Kittyhawk Products, a hot isostatic pressing company based out of Garden Grove, CA has started their expansion into the Pacific Northwest by opening a facility in Canby, OR. Omega Morgan’s machinery moving crews were called upon to handle the installation of the first of four hot isostatic presses in the new facility.

This project posed a unique rigging challenge for our Portland-based team: a major lack of headroom to upright the press. Ultimately, the headroom indoors limited our gantries to just eight feet of stroke–and that was going to make uprighting the 16-foot-long press quite complex.

By taking the time to measure out the exact rigging lengths, and by using our 250-ton gantry–an Omega Morgan designed and fabricated lifting bracket–we executed the tight move smoothly and without issue.

Our team also wouldn’t be daunted by shipping delays that threatened to throw the entire project timeline off. We worked long hours into the nights and weekends to make sure the press’s installation would happen on time, as scheduled.

Normally, this process wouldn’t be able to be documented due to the sensitive nature of Kittyhawk’s clients’ products. But since this was the first of presses to be installed–and there was no client product on the floor to be sensitive to–we’re excited to be able to share how we handled the unique complexities that this project faced.

We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to serve Kittyhawk Products with the installation of this first press, bringing our expertise and dedication to ensure the project was completed without a hitch.

Read more about the project in our new case study.

large metal press being lowered into a pit at Kittyhawk's Canby facility under the watchful eye of an Omega Morgan Machinery Moving crew member in a hardhat and vest