Omega Morgan Machinery Moving crew members setting up a steel base

Omega Morgan’s Portland-based team of heavy machinery movers engineered a solution to help repair a parking deck in downtown Portland that was damaged during the riots. Howard S. Wright, a construction company based out of Portland and Seattle, needed assistance to replace the damaged bearing pads that sat between the structure’s concrete girders and corbels they rested on. Our machinery moving specialists were more than happy to help; they utilized their extensive expertise to engineer and execute the solution over the course of a single evening.

An Efficient Solution from our Machinery Moving Team

The crew used our 100-ton jacking system to lift the concrete girders. It was an operation that needed to be handled with a healthy measure of caution and care to prevent further damage to the upper story of the garage. Our crew was able to execute this effort so efficiently that while we had originally scheduled for two mobilizations to complete the job, our crew only needed one. This helped save our client precious time.

A Job Well Done and a Satisfied Client

We’re proud of our machinery moving team for doing the job not only with a keen eye on efficiency, but also with the uncompromising safety and quality that Omega Morgan is known for.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to assist Howard S. Wright on this project, and we’re pleased to report that they’re more than satisfied with our crew’s good work.

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