Omega Morgan Machinery Moving team using a Hoist FR 40/60 forklift labeled “Big Papa” to move metal fabrication equipment

We’re pleased to announce our Boise, Idaho location is up and running, and our crews have already been hard at work taking care of customers in the area.

A big delivery with a small threshold

Our Boise-based machinery moving specialists recently assisted a welding and metal fabrication company with the delivery of a new press brake and shear. The company needed equipment with the capacity to handle the weight of the new fabrication equipment: each piece weighed about 28,000 pounds. But on top of the capacity requirement, the lift also had to be able to fit through the doors of the company’s shop.

Luckily our Boise and Portland crews were ready and able to mobilize to help the client, and to do it on short notice. We received the delivery, unloaded the equipment and moved it into the shop without incident.

Open for business in Boise

Omega Morgan has an unwavering commitment to our customer’s success. Our customer was very pleased with the quick and efficient service, and we are more than happy to have hit the ground running in the Boise area.

For more details on this project and the type of equipment used for the move, check out our latest case study.