A transformer near Jerome, Idaho, strapped into an Omega Morgan specialized transportation trailer

Our logistics services team came through for a power distribution customer in Jerome, ID recently–the company needed a new transformer to accommodate the growing demand in the area. Though the transformer didn’t have to go far, the route to get the transformer to the facility was full of obstacles. Our transportation and logistics services crew stepped up to assist the Boise office, carefully planning to make sure the transformer would get to the facility safely and efficiently.


Our 125-ton dual-lane trailers were used to navigate the route, which had height restrictions and a few obstacles that needed to be accommodated to move the 249,000-pound transformer safely. Between the trailers, our jack and slide system, and a push and pull truck, we were able to get the transformer over and under the obstacles on the route, and safely offloaded at our customer’s facility.


No two transportation jobs are ever the same; the routes and conditions always need to be taken into account and meticulously planned for in order for a project to be safe and successful. Our world-class logistics team made sure to survey the route with precision. As a result, the move was smooth and our customer was more than satisfied. We’re happy to report that we’ve engaged with them on several other projects since.

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