Power Distribution/Energy


  • (1) 125-ton dual lane perimeter deck trailer
  • (1) Pull truck
  • (1) Push truck
  • (1) 400-ton jack and slide system

A power distribution center in Jerome, ID had encountered a good challenge: growing demand for power in the area. Without enough transformers to provide power, however, the company faced a few risks.  There was a possibility of power outages or increased costs to customers if additional power had to be purchased or brought in from outside the immediate area.

Luckily, the solution was straightforward: they acquired a new transformer from SPX Transformer Solutions. The next major step was getting the transformer from a rail car in Gooding, ID to the facility in Jerome. The journey was short, but height restrictions and tight spots along the route would not make the trip an easy one.

Enter our logistics services crew, giving our Boise office an assist to get the transformer where it needed to be, safely and efficiently. After all, our motto isn’t “we got this” for nothing!


With our overall transport height being at 18 feet, finding a route that could accommodate that height was the biggest challenge. Our team surveyed several low-speed rail sidings before finding a suitable option in Gooding. Once we found a good route from Gooding to Jerome, our crew made it look easy.

On the route, we lowered the trailer under several low obstacles, raised it to move over humps in the road, and navigated through some very tight areas. Our 125-ton dual lane perimeter deck trailer was just the right machine for this kind of job: it’s capable of raising and lowering up to four feet. Additionally, every axle is able to steer, which makes it extremely versatile for avoiding obstacles.


Our crew used our 400-ton jack and slide system to transload the 249,000-pound transformer from the railcar to our trailers. We utilized both a push and pull truck with our dual-lane trailer on route. Once we arrived in Jerome, we again used the jack and slide to set the unit on a pad. Once the unit was set, we offloaded all accessories from our trailer. The team navigated the route safely and soundly, and all went off without a hitch.

Although every transformer is almost identical, no two moves are the same. Each location has a unique terrain that poses its own unique challenges. That is why our transportation and logistics services team is careful to perform surveys before the project begins — they are critical to the planning process. Once the challenges are identified, our team works together to eliminate them one by one for a successful move.

We’re pleased to report that our customer was very satisfied with the move, and as a result, has engaged us on several projects since. The Omega Morgan team is happy to be able to support new customers in the Boise area; it’s an opportunity to serve some of the best in the west.