Oil & Gas


  • Four-Axle Tractor
  • 150-Ton Dual Lane Trailer
  • two tri-drive push trucks

In completing a project for Fraser Surrey Docks, the Omega Morgan, Calgary, Alberta office proved itself to be the right specialized transportation partner to move even the heaviest permitted equipment on local roads. Months of planning resulted in a smooth, successful job and another satisfied customer. Our task was to pick up three compressor packages from Fraser Surrey Docks in British Columbia, and haul them to three separate BC locations: Merritt, 93 Mile, and Chilliwack.

The Problem: Hauling Ultra-Heavy Equipment on a Treacherous Track

Immediately upon accepting the project, we knew our biggest hurdles would be size and weight. The three compressor pieces in each package totaled 216 feet in length, with an 18 foot width and 15 foot 8 inch height, weighing in at 181,000 lbs. The package for each destination was comprised of a turbine, compressor, and between 12 and 15 individual loads of miscellaneous materials.

Two of the three packages faced an additional problem: they would need to travel on perhaps the most difficult road to brace in the province. Highway 5 is known throughout British Columbia for its challenges, with a summit that can leave you stranded in the snow even at the height of summer. Our package would be the heaviest cargo load ever permitted on the highway.

The Process: Months of Planning and Optimization

Any cargo haul of that weight and size requires more than just the transport. Transportation and logistics projects like this start months earlier, as we sat together with local officials to plan our route. In the process, Omega Morgan’s logistics team reviewed the routing and analyzed bridges. We needed to find not just the fastest, but also the safest possible route for the compressor parts and accessories.

Once the planning was complete, our transport crew oversaw discharge of all packages. Two loads were delivered immediately after discharge, while the third was taken to one of our laydown facilities in Chilliwack. Our Omega Morgan staff coordinated the Chilliwack portion of the journey with First Nations representatives, as some of First Nations’ traditional territories were used to facilitate this leg of the project. Once the package arrived in Chilliwack, we self-performed the offload of all of the inbound trucks within our laydown via crane and jack, and slid them onto mats, where they remained in storage for one year while the site was being prepared.

The two inbound packages traveled up Highway 5/Coquihalla, becoming the heaviest load to date permitted on that route. In fact, the transport and logistics drew so much attention that the Canadian reality TV show Highway through Hell joined to film our trek up the mountain, to be featured on an upcoming episode. Despite the difficult road and a heavy load that was more than 200 feet long, we were able to deliver the compressor parts without incident.

The Result: Added Value and Future Transportation Possibilities

The haul finished with the final unloading onsite. At all three sites, we offloaded the compressors and turbines from our trailers via jack, and slid them into place on the pad inside the customer’s building.

The implications of this success, though, range far beyond customer satisfaction. In the months-long planning process, we were able to utilize our dual lane configuration. That, in combination with the ability to widen and lengthen the deck of our trailer, allowed us to significantly reduce the number of overall bridges to be analyzed.

In other words, the planning and logistics saved project costs for the customer. We easily obtained the bridge approvals and permits we needed, while also showcasing our expertise in a way that helped us gain credibility in British Columbia.