Omega Morgan’s crane crew uses 2 cranes to lift excavator parts into place.

When our customer—a heavy machinery service company—was tasked with building a 280,000-pound excavator on-site at an active rock quarry in Darrington, WA, they knew a reliable crane services team was needed to provide heavy lift support. As the project neared, tapping into Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane team became a no-brainer.


Our Seattle team received the request from our customer on a Monday, provided a quote on Tuesday, and traveled to Darrington for a site visit on Wednesday. Once we returned, we got busy with project planning and logistics coordination, completing both in two days before mobilizing our crew and two cranes—Grove GMK 6300L-1 350-ton hydraulic all-terrain mobile crane and Liebherr LTM 1130 160-ton hydraulic all-terrain mobile crane on Friday morning.


We needed to arrive at the site—located at the top of a steep mile-long gravel road—first to set up our cranes. Omega Morgan’s crew of seven made the challenging trek, complete with cranes and trucks filled with counterweights. After two days of equipment and weather delays, our crews and the customer team came together to get down to business.

With two cranes, the Omega Morgan team rigged and lifted each component ( sometimes two at a time) and held them steady as the customer’s crew bolted each piece into place. Overcoming an off-level job site, our experienced oilers rigged each component to ensure a seamless fit. 

Finally, after several days of building the 280,000-pound excavator piece-by-piece, a fully formed Komatsu PC1250LC-11 reported for duty at the quarry. Our customer appreciated our flexibility and experience as we overcame multiple challenges to finish the job in record time.

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