Omega Morgan Crane Service team works together to move an air handling unit through a high rise window.
At a commercial Seattle high-rise, contractors planned for the installation of five new air handling units to meet the increased ventilation needs of the building’s tenants. However, since they were unable to place the units through typical methods, the contractors needed an expert crane services company and an innovative solution.


During the two-month planning process, Omega Morgan also provided convenient storage of the units—part of our full-service offerings. The air handling units were made of two complementary sections, with the heaviest of each weighing 6,500 pounds. After the components’ arrival at our Fife warehouse, OM’s engineering team began solving the challenge of lifting and offloading the units into the building.

Over numerous site visits and meetings with both the General and Mechanical Contractors, Omega Morgan’s engineers designed a custom lifting platform and building modifications for safe receiving. Then our crane services team conducted test lifts at our Fife warehouse to ensure the platform’s effectiveness and safety.


On the scheduled weekend, our crew of eight—plus the project manager—arrived before dawn and positioned the 350-ton crane in the adjacent parking lot. With a coordinated delivery by OM’s crane services team and rigging division, the units arrived at the site ready for action. Working with one unit at a time, our crane team began on the second floor, with only a 30-foot lift in case adjustments were needed.

Each floor had an OM Certified Rigger and Certified Bellman to signal the crane and help the Mechanical Contractors, who placed each section after unloading. Completing the second, eighth, and tenth floors on the first day, our crews returned bright and early on Sunday to finish the job. OM’s team seamlessly completed the final two floors, the sixth and fourth, before the last lift of several HVAC components onto the roof—a height of 175 feet.

Omega Morgan worked with the contractors to execute this project safely and efficiently. They were very pleased with our innovative approach to this complex challenge.

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