One highway sign in place while the 2nd sign is being prepared to be lifted by the Omega Organ Crane Crew.

When our customer—a Seattle welding company—was contracted to replace a 70-foot highway sign bridge over Seattle’s I-5 express lanes, it was clear they would need safe and reliable heavy lift support. As they began putting a project team together, bringing on Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane team checked all the boxes and then some.


After strategizing general timelines and logistics with our customer and the electrical support company, we turned our attention to the crane portion of the job. While deciding on the right crane for the heavy lift was easy, it opened up new challenges. The high weight of the crane on the elevated highway structure required approvals from multiple entities, including the original engineering firm. Our crane team worked diligently to receive all necessary approvals in time for installation day.


On installation day around 9 p.m., after the portion of I-5 had been closed to traffic, Omega Morgan’s crane team of two—our operator and rigger—and our Manitowoc NBT60 truck crane arrived on site and set the crane up on the elevated lanes.

Overcoming on-the-spot challenges with precision and care, our crane crew provided heavy lift support for the removal and replacement of the 70-foot-long sign bridge over the course of 10 hours. The welding company couldn’t have been more pleased with our team’s safety, efficiency, and professionalism as we worked with multiple teams to get the job done right. 

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