Omega Morgan’s Grove GMK6350L poised and ready to go.
When a mechanical contractor was tasked with replacing a rooftop HVAC system for a multi-story office complex-turned-biomedical facility in Yale, WA, they knew expert heavy lift support would be needed. After considering the specific crane requirements and placement challenges, they contracted Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services team for a world-class solution.


Months ahead of the initial mobilization, our crane team dove into planning. They visited the sites, noting the very steep road grade, large tree, and underground utilities. The crew also began applying for permitting from the Seattle Department of Transportation, which takes several weeks to come through. Meanwhile, our team’s main challenge involved the crane’s placement as we worked to develop a safe and effective plan of action. With multiple mobilizations planned and a variety of sizes, weights, and types to lift, our team had to be ready for everything.


Over the course of several weeks, our crane services team mobilized our Grove GMK6350L crane and crew to the site four times, each time staying multiple days. The initial placement required extreme precision and care as our team maneuvered the crane into an exact position to avoid various obstacles and remain effective. After removing the current HVAC equipment from the roof, our team made upwards of 80 lifts to bring heavy equipment—between 7,700 and 22,000 pounds—and numerous loads of accessories and smaller components. 

Our customers were extremely satisfied with our services and our safe and effective operation as we handled over one million dollars of equipment with precision and care.

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