A bird’s eye view of Washington while the Omega Morgan Crane team works on a cell tower.
As part of a network upgrade, the cellular tower high up on Washington’s Green Mountain was ready for antenna replacement. A telecommunications company—our customer—needed heavy-lift support to remove and replace three 1,500-pound antenna sectors at the top of the 200-foot pole. Enter Omega Morgan and our world-class Seattle crane services crew and crane.


Planning began right away with our team heading out to the site, accessible by a one-mile logging road with a very steep incline in the last quarter. We measured the road and surveyed the mountain site to determine which crane and how many crew members we would need to execute the heavy lifts. 

Everything was ready to roll until the day before the project, when it became clear that our selected crane would not be available. Our team jumped into action, shuffling the fleet to find a replacement that could both access the site and handle the load.


The next day, our crane team—operator and rigger—headed out to the site with the newly selected larger crane. Having measured the road, we knew the crane would fit, but the route would be tighter than previously planned. As we neared where the road elevation rose rapidly, our rigging truck hooked up in front of the crane and hauled it the rest of the way. 

Our customer’s crew was already onsite and had prepared the three sectors. After our pre-lift safety meeting, the teams got to work removing each sector in tandem with the customer crew up on the pole, with our crew handling the heavy lift. One by one, each sector was removed and replaced safely and efficiently. The customer was extremely pleased with our work and the team’s commitment to putting the safety of each component and everyone involved first.

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