inside an Omega Morgan warehouse and storage facility where rows of equipment are stored and a warehouse forklift is parked in front of the rows

Omega Morgan Secures New Rental Warehouse For Customer Storage Needs

Omega Morgan, known for solving complex equipment moving problems, recently acquired a 56,000 square foot storage facility in Hillsboro, Oregon….

An Omega Morgan trailer transporting a large transformer across railroad tracks on its way to a barge.

Omega Morgan Moves 507,000 Pound Transformer from Power Plant to Barge

Omega Morgan develops creative and intelligent solutions to move the heaviest and bulkiest of loads, and coordinates with various teams…

two Omega Morgan machinery moving teammembers with one on a forklift precisely moving a large piece of machinery into place at the Oregon Convention Center

Omega Morgan Works Behind the Scenes for the Northwest Machine Tool Expo

The 2019 Northwest Machine Tool Expo, held on May 8 and 9 in Portland, Oregon, brought in vendors from Oregon,…

illuminated by headlights and streetlights, six Omega Morgan specialized transportation crew members stand in front of two ozone tanks on trailers for transport

Omega Morgan Wins International Award for Tank Haul

On April 27, 2019, Omega Morgan received a significant honor at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association. At the association’s…

two Omega Morgan mobile cranes lifting a column inside an under-construction skyscraper in a tight space between other buildings in downtown Seattle

Omega Morgan Transports and Sets Columns for 2+U

Modern skyscraper construction often introduces complex structural designs that pose significant challenges for even the best construction teams. The 2+U…

Omega Morgan mobile crane onsite for dismantling a large tower crane known as "Big Red" in Seattle

Omega Morgan Supplies Assist Cranes in “Big Red” Tower Crane Dismantle

In March, Omega Morgan’s Seattle Office took on the task of participating in the disassembly of one of Seattle’s biggest…

Omega Morgan Millwright crew of four moving equipment inside of the previous GCL Growers Warehouse in Portland

Omega Morgan Helps GCL Growers to Clean and Restore a Warehouse

The restoration of a large warehouse space takes a significant amount of work. When GCL growers looked to consolidate assets…

Omega Morgan’s transport and logistics semi truck carrying an oversize compressor package load

Omega Morgan Solves Complex Compressor Challenge

Sometimes, even routine projects are worth highlighting, especially when their changing scope leads to unexpected challenges. That was the case…

Omega Morgan specialized transportation semi trucks lined up with wind turbine segments in tow

Omega Morgan Moves 153 Superloads to Eastern Oregon

This January, Omega Morgan’s Portland office stepped up to the plate to facilitate the transport of renewable energy equipment. For…