Omega Morgan specialized transportation tractor pulling a double schnabel trailer with a vesta wind turbine tower section at the Port of Longview under a moody grey sky

Vestas North America–a leading manufacturer, servicer and seller of wind turbines–needed to move the components for 38 new wind turbines from Longview, WA to a remote site in Vail, WA. Vestas called upon Omega Morgan’s Portland office to partner with Texas-based Lone Star Trucking to get the 380 components from the Port of Longview up to the wind farm site.

To keep the project on pace, one turbine would need to be transported to the site per night, for 38 nights. This required our specialized transportation crew to manage the haul of 10 loads of components a night between the hours of 11pm and 5am, in partnership with the crew from Lone Star Trucking. Omega Morgan’s main task was the transportation of the four tower sections for each turbine.

The only problem: the Washington state Department of Transportation doesn’t allow for convoys. The regulations called for a 30-minute separation between each truck, which would work out to be five trucks a night instead of 10. At that pace, we would be off-track for completion.

In true Omega Morgan fashion of doing the impossible daily, we worked with the DOT to get the 30-minute separation down to 15 minutes. And by providing two separate labor forces–a separate loading crew and driving crew–we could ensure that all crew members would get the appropriate amount of rest between shifts, take full advantage of our travel window, and get the 10 loads transported each night.

Vestas was happy with Omega Morgan’s work on this project, and our crews did a fantastic job taking the lead and providing support: they dealt with agencies, planned details, and quickly addressed tasks that needed attention.

We’re very grateful for our continued partnership with Vestas North America, and we’re pleased to have the privilege of providing transportation services for the Portland-based division across the midwest.

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