Omega Morgan dual lane transporter en route in Oregon on a cloudy day carrying one of the largest hot isostatic presses in the world

Omega Morgan’s Portland-based specialized transportation, machinery moving and millwright crews were called upon when Quintus Technologies needed a partner who could handle the transportation and installation of a “mega” Hot Isostatic Press (HIP)–the largest to be installed in the Pacific Northwest.

Normally, the sheer size and scope of this kind of move would have to involve multiple contractors and a long timeline. Not only did the massive components of the HIP need to be offloaded at the Port of Tacoma and transported 215 miles to the facility in Albany, they had to be lifted through the roof of the facility and installed. It was a project that would require at least three trips and an array of crews to execute.

Omega Morgan is proud to be the only company in the Pacific Northwest able to make a project this vast into a single-mobilization effort.

Using three of our dual-lane transporters, 2 550-ton cranes and a lot of good, hard work, our expert crews executed this project from start to finish–from offloading the components to moving them to the facility to completing the installation. Ultimately, the ability to have the job handled by one partner saved Quintus and the owners of the facility a lot of precious time.

We’re very proud of our crews for the stellar job they did on this project. We’re also grateful for the opportunity to support Quintus and Stack Metallurgic with the installation of this HIP. Opportunities for future installations have already been initiated, and we’re excited to continue to support the growth of the Albany facility.

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