Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crew recently built a bridge jumper system over Rock Creek Bridge in Hillsboro, OR for the transportation of several oversized loads coming from Rainer.

The Rock Creek Bridge was built in 1950, and the loads would be too heavy for the older bridge to handle. Bridge jumper systems are used for this exact purpose–to help distribute weight over bridges that are unable to handle weighty, over-dimension loads.

Our Portland-based crew worked overnight to build this “bridge over a bridge,” a free-spanning structure that used support points on either side of the bridge to handle the weight of the oversized transports.

The entire build-up and tear-down process happened in the span of one night–our crew built the jumper bridge, managed the transportation of the oversized loads, and deconstructed the whole structure, all before the roads opened again at five o’clock in the morning.

We’re very proud of our team for all of their work on this well-executed project.

Check out the Omega Morgan crew at work in a video featured by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Omega Morgan  Specialized Transportation team going over a bridge jumper set up over Rock Creek bridge with a huge load crossing at night