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Omega Morgan is the most reliable industrial millwright services partner in the Houston, Texas area. From small projects to large multi-step solutions, part of providing world-class millwright services means ensuring that your plants and service locations are up and running as quickly and effectively as possible. Our highly-experienced Houston, Texas team works with you to design plans that save money, reduce scheduling conflicts, and build safety into the work.

What We Offer

Omega Morgan’s Houston millwright services team expertly provides a wide range of synergistic services. Whether utilized individually or as part of a turnkey solution, our comprehensive services include:

  • Industrial Equipment Installation and Repair
  • Diagnostics and Repair of Rotating Equipment
  • Bearing and Seal Installation
  • Shaft Repair
  • Field Fabrication
  • Machining of Replacement Parts

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Millwright Done Right: Emergency Removal of Damaged Conveyor System

Industry Agricultural Commodities

Equipment Used DB Beaver, DB Sea Horse (Hickey Marine), 60’ manlift, 40’ manlift, 12K reach lift (x2), 5K reach lift

Description When a conveyor system at Terminal 5 of the Port of Portland experienced a critical failure, Omega Morgan’s millwright services team got right on the job to quickly—and safely—repair the damage.

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Foundation First: Installing a Dewatering Plant Foundation in Scappoose, OR

Industry Construction

Equipment Used Excavator, 10K reach forklift, 60M concrete boom truck

Description When our client’s dredge dewatering system needed to be moved half a mile away to clear the dredging path, Omega Morgan’s millwright team installed one of our largest concrete foundation projects to date — 500 cubic yards — in less than four weeks.

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Installing a New Rebar Storage Table for Cascade Steel

Industry Steel

Equipment Used 12K Reach Forklift, Overhead Bridge Crane

Description Omega Morgan’s millwright services team worked with speed, safety and efficiency to install a new rebar storage table for Cascade Steel Rolling Mill.

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Spout Removal and Rebuild at an International Grain Terminal

Industry Grain Export

Equipment Used 100 Ton Derrick Barge, material barges, 180 foot man lift, 150 foot man lift, 10K reach forklifts, machine shop

Description Our Portland-based millwright services crew was asked to assist with a damaged grain spout at Kalama Export in Kalama, WA. Our team moved fast and worked diligently to remove and rebuild the unstable spout--getting the international grain terminal back up and running quickly.

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Clearing a Warehouse Space in the Coffee Industry

Industry Restaurant

Equipment Used 20K warehouse forklifts, 8K warehouse forklifts, scissor lifts, man lifts, torch sets, hand tools, industrial cranes

Description As part of an acquisition of Boyd’s coffee brand and equipment, Farmer Brothers needed to remove more than 200 heavy pieces of equipment and 550 tons of recycled metals and waste from a warehouse. For help with such a complex project, they turned Omega Morgan to do the job quickly and effectively.

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Returning a Portland Warehouse to its Original State

Industry Solar

Equipment Used 30K warehouse forklifts, 15K warehouse forklift, IC-200 Broderson Carry Deck, 40’ Manlifts, Excavator & Hoe-ram, 35 Ton Boom Truck

Description Omega Morgan’s Millwright team helped GCL Growers move out of a warehouse in Portland. Using a variety of tools ranging from forklifts and manlifts to an excavator and a boom truck, we demolished, moved, cleaned, and even recycled. In this case study we discuss Omega Morgan’s invaluable work on this project.

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Moving a Suction Dredge in Scappoose, Oregon

Industry Construction

Equipment Used 150 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, Grove RT760 Hydro Crane

Description Omega Morgan provided crane assistance, operators, and millwrights to help receive, assemble and move a suction dredge in Scappoose, Oregon. Our teams worked with CalPortland and Dredging Supply Company to safely and efficiently assemble and move this nearly two million pound apparatus from land to water. In this case study we explain Omega Morgan’s work in this two-month assembly and colossal move.

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Ship Loader Grain Delivery Spout

Industry Grain / Port

Equipment Used Derrick Barge Crane, Tugging Service, Scaffolding Service, (1) 150’ Manlifts, Welders

Description Omega Morgan’s Portland- Millwright Services Division was contacted by Kalama Export, an international grain terminal in Kalama, WA to fix an underperforming articulating grain spout. The complex fix required an ocean-going barge and tug service, scaffolding, a 150’ manlift, welders, and a derrick barge crane. In this case study we outline how our industrial millwright services crews diagnosed the problem with the spout, and safely performed a long-term solution.

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Cascade Steel Mill Ladle Turret Replacement Case Study

Industry Steel

Equipment Used Tadano ATF 160G (200 Ton Crane), Full Counterweight, Kamag K25 PST 10-Axle Line Towable Hydraulic Platform Trailer, T-800 Kenworth Prime Mover, Aspen 90-Ton Lowbed, Peterbilt 379 Heavy Haul Tractor

Description We partnered with Cascade Steel Mills for a major steel mill ladle turret replacement project. The steel mill ladle turret weighed 62.5 tons and we moved it nearly 200 miles from Tacoma, WA to McMinnville, OR where it was installed. In this case study we outline how we accomplished this task, what equipment we used and how we tackled the moving and installation process.

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Export Dock Maintenance & Millwright Services

Industry Grain Export

Equipment Used 100 Ton Barge Mounted Derrick Crane, Materials Barge, Tugboat, (2) 150’ Manlifts, 12K Reach Forklift, Diesel Welders

Description Our experienced millwright services team was asked to assist a valuable client in the Grain Export industry with installing a new catwalk during their annual dock and ship loader maintenance project. In this case study we discuss how we successfully planned the project in and amongst other projects and dependencies, and how we executed flawlessly the work within our allotted time frame.

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