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Omega Morgan is a big proponent of efficiency. Especially when new equipment needs to be installed, we step up and work hard for our clients to get them up and running as fast and safely as possible. The Cascade Steel Rolling Mill in McMinnville, OR specializes in the production of rebar, and they were in the process of installing a new rebar storage table.

Before the install, the steel mill contacted our millwright services team out of Omega Morgan’s Portland office. Our team would need to install the new table quickly so the steel mill’s operations wouldn’t be interrupted for a long period of time.

It was a job that was right up our efficiency alley. Our millwright services team went into action on this two-phased installation.


In the first phase of the installation process, we worked to build the first half of the new storage table alongside the existing one. This was necessary to allow the existing table to stay in operation as long as possible. Omega Morgan coordinated with the mill during this time to facilitate the installation process, all while mill operations were still ongoing.

Then it was go-time for installation: the mill would shut down, and during that time our team would need to demo the existing rebar storage table, install the foundation for the new table, and install the table’s components as fast as possible. Our team was committed to completing this work quickly and efficiently so the mill’s operations could resume.

Our team set 700 cubic yards of concrete with 300 embed anchors and 70,000 pounds of rebar.


The size of this project was unique; the foundation for the new table was 50 feet wide and 180 feet long, requiring 300 embed anchors to be precisely set and located.

Our excellent millwright services team completed this rebar storage project on time, with no accidents. We’re happy to say that the new storage table is fully operational, and Cascade Steel is already benefiting from its use.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with Cascade Steel Rolling Mill on this project and are proud of our team for a finely-executed job well done.