Omega Morgan dual lane high frame trailer makes a tight turn.

When a transformer failed at a Moscow, ID, substation, the energy company needed an efficient removal and replacement solution. With a new component on its way to the Port of Lewiston by rail, our customer—the logistics company contracted to execute the replacement—needed a reliable OTR heavy haul for both the failed unit and the new transformer. Enter Omega Morgan’s Portland specialized transportation team.


Our specialized transport crew began by visiting the substation and determining our path to remove the old unit and place the new component on the pad. We also ran a route survey to identify the best route from the port.

After applying for the necessary permits from the Idaho Transportation Department (IDT), our team ran into a challenge as, nearing the end of what should have been the approval process—and our timeline—we were informed that we needed to provide specific engineering details. Thanks to our team’s quick action, we were able to overcome this and stay on track for approval.

Once again, our flexible strategic planning delivered when the new transformer was delayed on the railcar, and we decided to remove the old unit on schedule rather than replacing them back to back.


Once in Moscow, the Omega Morgan crew of four removed the transformer from its pad and onto our self-propelled trailer before loading the unit onto our high-frame trailer and making the single-night trip to the Port of Lewiston. We continued to check in with the port until the new unit was spotted.

When the unit arrived, we utilized the same procedure but in reverse: we used our reach forklift and slide gear at the port to jack and slide the transformer before building the high frame trailer around the component. With support vehicles, it was another one-evening trip for our crew. Back in Moscow, we offloaded the transformer onto our six-line Kamag platform trailer, propelled it to the pad, and placed it with precision.

Pleased with the position and our safe, flexible, and efficient action, both the substation and our customer knew they made the right decision with Team Green.

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