A large load being transported by the Omega Morgan specialized transportation team is maneuvered around a tight turn on a road at night

In the midst of expanding its operations in Hillsboro, OR, an international freight forwarding client required expert transportation services for four over-dimensional cold boxes from the Port of Longview to their new site. Due to the scale of the components and the length of the project, they needed a reliable heavy haul company with both the expertise and the equipment to pull it off. Enter Omega Morgan’s Portland specialized transportation team.


The four components included two heat exchangers, one argon cold box, and one rectification cold box. In addition, there were several smaller loads of storage and support items that our crews transported from the Port to Hillsboro throughout the project.

From changing factors such as vessel arrival date to challenges within our control, including developing an elevated bridge over a route section unable to handle the load, planning took ten months. As the project progressed, our team applied for the required permits and coordinated with the necessary support teams. Once the components arrived at the Port of Longview, we were ready to jump into action.


Over two consecutive weekends, Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation team delivered the components, two at a time, along the 45-mile route. With four transport crew members, two safety crew members, two pilots, and four bucket trucks, in addition to support from traffic control, we executed the heavy hauls seamlessly.

Thanks to our team’s dedication to safety and efficiency, we delivered all four components on time, under budget, and in great condition. Very pleased, our client appreciated Team Green’s professionalism throughout the extended process. This innovative solution also won Omega Morgan the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association’s Hauling Job of the Year award in 2021.

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