an Omega Morgan 100-Ton Dual Lane Loader trailer under a blue sky carrying a tail gas drum

Omega Morgan’s Seattle-based specialized transportation crews recently assisted a large logistics company with a last-minute need–transporting a tail gas drum from the Port of Tacoma to a refinery in Dickinson, ND.

This drum had a long way to go to its final destination–it was over 1,100 miles to the refinery in North Dakota, and it was far from being on its way. The company called on the expertise of our specialized transportation crews to load the drum onto our trailers and get it on the road to its ultimate destination.

Our crews mobilized in the middle of the night to load the drum onto an Omega Morgan trailer using two 130-ton cranes. Once we had brought the drum back to our facilities, we prepared it for transportation by first setting the drum on load cells to weigh it, then removing and modifying the saddles to adjust the height. Height restrictions also required us to further reduce height of the vessel by rotating it 45 degrees to reposition the tailing lug from the top to the side.

The drum was then loaded up and transported to the refinery in Dickinson. The over 1,100-mile journey went smoothly and without incident.

Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crews bring years of expertise and exceptional care to the jobs we complete for our clients. Our crews are dedicated to safe and efficient work that help our customers stay on schedule and keep costs down. We’re glad to have had the opportunity to support our customer in a time of need.

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