An Omega Morgan SPMT carrying an oversize load in a downtown area with skyscrapers in the background

Omega Morgan was featured in a recent article authored by Chris Barnett, a special correspondent for the Journal Of Commerce, a news outlet that provides critical information and analysis for organizations and individuals in the container shipping industry. Throughout the article, Barnett highlights the ongoing demand for heavy transportation services in spite of the broader complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to lockdowns, facility closures, delays and various state-by-state restrictions and regulations, heavy transportation operations have become more complicated. However, that has not necessarily hindered operations.

Erik Zander, director of sales at Omega Morgan, shared his perspective on the company’s continued business during nationwide efforts to control the virus’s spread. “Eighty percent of our business continued because we were deemed essential, so we didn’t furlough anyone, and have continued moving transformers, wind energy blades and towers and other project cargoes,” said Zander.

The article also examines how the industry may evolve going forward due to the various changes brought on by COVID-19. It also discusses the trends and longer-term impacts on heavy transportation for the wind industry, oil and gas industry, and landside engineered transport.

You can read the entire article on the Journal of Commerce’s website by signing up for free, limited access to the journal. It will also be available in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Commerce’s print magazine.