A 95’ bridge span is being moved into place by the Omega Morgan millwright team.

Sometimes our customers are faced with unexpected challenges that need a quick and skillful response. At Terminal 5 of the Port of Portland, Portland Bulk Terminals had one such challenge: a conveyor system that feeds their ship loader experienced a critical failure, and it was rendered unsafe for use. 

Portland Bulk Terminals needed a swift response by a millwright team with the experience and skill to handle this unique challenge. And they knew just who to call: Omega Morgan’s Portland millwright services crew. 


It was difficult to determine the full extent of the damage at the project’s onset. The structure was made of 95′ bridge spans weighing 130,000 lbs each. Due to their age and the nature of the failure, nobody could say for sure how strong the remaining spans were.

To tackle this challenge, our millwright team consulted several specialized engineers to help develop a sound lifting and handling plan to safely remove eight of the concrete bridge spans, and seven concrete support bents. 


Our crew of eight millwright specialists got to work right away, securing safe access to the dock, and executing the carefully-planned removal of the bridge spans and support bents. After ensuring the safe electrical demolition of the conveyor system, the crew then got to work removing the conveyor belts, the conveyor frames, and finally the handrail.

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