Omega Morgan crews using tandem trilifters to move a 140,000 pound aluminum can press

As part of an ongoing plant overhaul for a plant in Olympia, WA, our Seattle-based crews are providing a total-service solution for food packaging giant Crown Holdings. Our millwrighting crews, specialized transportation crews, machinery moving crews and industrial storage and warehousing team are all assisting in the demolition of the existing equipment as well as the transportation, moving and storage of 15,000 square feet worth of new equipment.

Omega Morgan is uniquely suited to handle a project of this size and scale. Not only are we able to transport and move the often weighty equipment–including a 140,000 pound aluminum can press–our crews are also able to manage the intense logistics that go hand-in-hand with new equipment deliveries.

Our crews receive the equipment as it comes in from different vendors around the country. We then carefully move and store the equipment in such a way that it will be easily accessible when it’s ready to be installed at the newly-refurbished plant. This really is an end-to-end solution: we take care of the transportation, storage, and installation of the equipment so our client does not have to manage the complex logistical challenges from shipments of this size.

The customer is extremely pleased with the progress on this large-scale job so far. Check out our latest case study for more exciting details about this ongoing project.